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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:14

Sigma International Co., Ltd.

We undertake and overcome challenges with a high degree of difficulty, so that we can realize our goals. All for our customers' smiles.

In system and software development, we provide all aspects including proposal, design, development, and construction in total coordination.
We have a career of more than 20 years in search technology, one of our areas of expertise. Based on our experience and know-how, we provide a search system tailored to the needs of our customers, from flexible proposals to development that takes into account cost considerations. We have also launched a number of projects, including big data, AI, and IoT, and are working to improve the technological capabilities of the company as a whole so that we can respond to a variety of needs.

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Example of business description
Search system introduction service
In addition to portal sites and search sites, we will introduce search systems that are now indispensable, from enterprise core systems to highly public kiosk systems. Depending on the customer’s budget, we will use our search system’s packaged software Sigma Archive to offer inexpensive services and offer customers’ own customized systems.
AI and big data analysis support for introduction of machine learning
The words AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning have become commonplace in recent years.
We accept requests to introduce AI, but there are suitable and unsuitable instances for work done by AI and machine learning. We work with our customers to help them think about how they can do it. In addition, we propose the development of systems using a dedicated database that stores and analyzes tens or hundreds of millions of pieces of data.
Package contracted system development
We provide total support for everything from upstream to downstream processes, transitions, introduction education, and operation and maintenance, and we strongly back up our customers’ management strategies through IT.
These days, many development companies avoid risky system package development contract, but our company sticks to package contract development that makes it easier for the customer to budget, and shares the joy of completing the product with the customer.
Construction of video analysis systems
We build video analysis (playback, editing) systems.
We have developed a video analysis system for a certain TV station and a video distribution system in Saitama Prefecture.
Systems that handle video require video-related skills that are different from those of normal development.
We utilize the know-how we have cultivated to do development.
Register certified copy analysis system introduction service
We introduce systems to convert real estate registration information into regular text data.
This can be achieved through automation, such as posting and checking contracts on documents, as well as data analysis, which is useful for marketing based on analyzed data, in conjunction with the search system.
We can improve the efficiency of clerical work related to register certified copies and perform advanced analysis from the data of the certified copy. We will propose our own customization according to the business scheme of each customer.
Crawling application development
We develop apps that automatically crawl data published on the website and collects data.
Our apps that crawl all kinds of sites, such as sites with movement or sites requiring login, so please consult with us first.

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