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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:14

Kawakami Co., Ltd.

We do high-precision machining to meet customer needs.

We respond to customer needs by machining precision metal parts using multiple machining centers. We manufacture and process parts for medical equipment with high-precision technology and know-how. As main parts processing, we excel at medical equipment parts, industrial machine parts, food manufacturing machine parts, semiconductor manufacturing equipment related parts, infrastructure related parts, etc. We also support various other types of materials.

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Processing details
General precision parts processing
We do high-precision shape machining and boring drilling with various machining centers.
The machining tolerance, position tolerance, and fitting of precision hole machining are taken into consideration.
In addition to iron, aluminum, and stainless steel, we also process cast iron, resin, copper, and titanium.
Processing of medical equipment parts
We process high-precision, high-quality products used in medical facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. We also pay attention to the surface roughness and aesthetics.
Stainless steel (SUS304) and aluminum (A5052 and A7075) are mainly used, and scratches, dents, burrs, etc. are carefully handled, with the aim of scratch-free processing.
We also arrange for white and hard anodized aluminum after processing. (Tolerance clogging is also taken into consideration when machining.)
Processing and assembly of industrial machinery parts
We perform part machining, assembly, and adjustment of FA machines. We also handle can manufacturing of pedestals, processing of bases and parts, assembly, and hydraulic/pneumatic piping.
Since we also perform in-house assembly, we take advantage of our many years of experience and perform processing that takes into consideration the accuracy of fitting and combination adjustment.
Our accuracy adjustment according to the intended use has also been evaluated by customers for their own assembly.
Processing of dies, jigs, inspection tools, etc.
We process molding molds and clamp molds, as well as jigs and inspection tools attached to them.
Various shapes are used in three-dimensional machining. We can do everything to completion, including arrangements for discharge, wire cutting, quenching, and polishing.
Introduction of new equipment
In July 2022, we introduced new lathe equipment.
CNC semi-automatic lathe made by Takisawa Machine TAC-950 wick-up specification

Swing over bed: 1,100 mm
Turret lifting: 600 mm
Core spacing: 2,000 mm

We can now accommodate larger workpieces in the company than in our previous facilities.
After lathing with this machine, we can do central processing in-house, including composite machining such as front machining with vertical MC and machining from the outer circumference with horizontal boring MC.
Depending on the shape of the workpiece and the chucking method, the machining size may be smaller than the swing.
In addition, our partner company has a record of turning and face-to-face machining that exceeds the in-house machining size, so consult with us.
We will continue to upgrade our facilities to accommodate a variety of machining processes.

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