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Shanai Shokuhin Co., Ltd.

Tofu production close to nature

We manufacture tofu and soybean products mainly for delicatessens, restaurants, and companies in the food service and cafeteria industry. We are happy to consult with you on raw materials, size, softness, and number of lots to meet your needs. We not only sell ready-made products, but also accept orders for the production of original tofu. Various OEM manufacturing is also available. We deliver to stores and distribution centers nationwide by courier or route delivery service.

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Shanai Shokuhin’s commitment
Commitment to raw materials, taste, and texture
The taste and moisture content of soybeans vary depending on the region and time of year. Therefore, our craftsmen work with their eyes and skin to ensure uniformity of taste and texture. In addition to using domestically produced crude seawater bittern extracted from seawater, when using domestically produced soybeans, we do not use defoaming agents or alternative fats in our products to ensure that the natural taste is preserved and delicious.
In order to make tofu more palatable, the firmness, texture, and taste are also changed according to the way it is used. There are many types of tofu. We are happy to introduce recommended tofu or make it to order in response to questions or concerns.
Soybeans used as raw materials
Shanai Shokuhin has a strict policy regarding soybeans in order to achieve safe, reliable, and tasty tofu.
The soybeans we use are of domestic or Canadian origin, and we are able to identify soybeans that are better suited for our products. In addition, no defoaming agents or alternative fats are used for products made from domestic soybeans.
Farmers who produce soybeans used as raw materials
Some of our tofu and soybean products are made with soybeans from Sawa Farm in Koura-cho, Shiga Prefecture. Please enjoy the taste of soybeans grown in a rich natural environment with abundant water and fireflies flying around in summer.
In Shiga Prefecture, which originally had stricter regulations on synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers than other prefectures, Sawa Farm has reduced the amount of these chemicals used to less than half of what is customary in Shiga Prefecture, and is producing environmentally friendly soybeans using technology that reduces the environmental impact of Lake Biwa and other areas by preventing runoff of polluted water.
For companies and restaurants
Your company's original tofu
We manufacture tofu and soybean products mainly for delicatessens, restaurants, and companies in the food service and cafeteria industry.
We are happy to consult on the raw materials (domestic soybeans, Canadian soybeans, etc.), size, softness, and number of batches to meet the requirements of each company.
We also offer various OEM manufacturing services. Please feel free to use or consult with us.

We can accommodate a variety of requests!
I want to make tofu with a taste and texture that matches my menu.
I want a slightly firm tofu that doesn't fall apart easily.
I would like to ask for a small lot, etc...

Do you have any problems with tofu, soybean products, soy milk, etc.?
We have used our many years of experience and expertise to development original products from many customers.
We help our customers bring their images to life.
Responding to various requests
Contract manufacturing of specialty tofu by cuisine
We produce tofu on consignment for a variety of cuisines and uses. Smooth tofu for sundubu, cold tofu with colander marks, soy milk for hot pot, etc.
We work together with customers to plan and manufacture products that meet their needs.

Tofu and soy milk production using specified soybeans
I would like you to make soy milk (in 200g bottles) from black beans harvested by the agricultural cooperative.
We have been carefully accepting the desire of our customers to make tofu from soybeans grown by particular agricultural methods
We make tofu and soy milk using the best ingredients. We also manufacture powdered soybean flour tofu.

Tofu in a bag for business use
We can make tofu and thick fried tofu according to customer requests for type and size. We manufacture tofu rich in calcium and iron for school lunches. Firm cotton (momen) tofu that can be used as-is for tofu dressing is also available for delicatessen stores and lunch box shops.

Commercial soy milk
We offer a wide variety of soy milk. We also have domestic soybean milk, Hokkaido soybean milk, extra thick soybean milk, and Canadian soybean milk. You can make homemade tofu in your store together with nigari (bittern). Please feel free to inquire about our tofu making process and tabletop coagulators.
Examples of OEM and contract manufacturing
Tofu containing starch, etc. for freeze-drying
200g bottle type of Tamba Kuromame Soymilk from a JA-related company
Tofu for sundubu for restaurant use
Spot production of pre-cut tofu for mabodofu at food expo
Frozen compatible tofu for frozen mabodofu in vending machines
Soy milk soft serve ice cream base for vegetarian coffee shops
White tofu paste for business use
Manufacture of soy milk and tofu from designated and brought-in soybeans

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