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Kawaguchi Natto Co., Ltd.

Quality-oriented natto, award-winning works from the National Natto Appraisal, Kawaguchi Natto

We manufacture natto. We focus on domestically produced soybeans, with a particular emphasis on Suzumaru, a small grain natto produced in Hokkaido, and Tanrei, a large grain soybean produced in Miyagi Prefecture. We often receive comments that our natto tastes like old-fashioned natto because we have inherited the traditional production methods of natto in the modern age. Kawaguchi Natto is also particular about the fact that it does not add any sauce or mustard, allowing the true flavor of the natto to be experienced. We also manufacture dried natto, furikake, rice crackers, and other products based on Kawaguchi Natto.

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Kawaguchi Natto's commitment
Commitment to manufacturing methods
The method of Professor Muramatsu, the originator of the modern natto production method
Professor Shunsuke Muramatsu, a professor at Morioka Higher Agricultural and Forestry School (now Iwate University), isolated three types of natto-producing bacteria in 1912 and proved that natto could be produced with a single natto bacillus. He established the foundation of the subsequent modern natto manufacturing process and contributed to its guidance. Tadashi Monden, the founder of Kawaguchi Natto, learned natto production under the guidance of Mitsuoji Takahashi, the founder of Takahashi Shokuhin Kogyo, who was trained by Professor Muramatsu. In 1949, he started natto production in Ichihasama-cho, Kurihara-gun (now Ichihasama, Kurihara City). It is no wonder that we often hear people say, "it tastes like old-fashioned natto."
This is because our natto is a modern version of the traditional production method.
Commitment to taste and texture
Natto with a robust soybean flavor, crunchy texture, and good eating quality
Kawaguchi natto doesn't come with sauce or mustard.
We purposely do not add any sauce or mustard to our natto, as it would prevent customers from tasting the true flavor of the natto.
We also use three-fold wrapping paper because of our conclusion that it is the most suitable for fermentation of natto in terms of fermentation conditions, ventilation, and moisture retention.
Kawaguchi Natto's commitment is to bring the original flavor of natto to the homes of its customers.
Commitment to soybeans
Manufactured using only domestic soybeans from Hokkaido, Aomori, Miyagi, Iwate, etc.
Soybeans, the raw material of natto, are so rich in protein that they are called "meat of the field." In order to produce natto with the best quality, we focus on domestically grown soybeans such as “suzumaru," a small grain natto produced in Hokkaido, and “tanrei," a large grain soybean produced in Miyagi Prefecture. Making local soybeans into better tasting natto is also an important part of Kawaguchi Natto's business.

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