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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:13

Kobaya Co., Ltd.

The idea creates a New World

We mainly manufacture idea products (contract manufacturing), and do wholesale and online retail sales. We manufacture and sell the “Cool Bit Series” of helmet cooling head covers, cooling function hats, cool handkerchiefs, neck coolers, and cool vests, which are heat stroke prevention items, as well as the “Atatakaro Series” of cold protection idea neck warmers, which are cold protection items. In addition, we are promoting activities to secure comprehensive intellectual property domestically and internationally, such as structural patents for the aforementioned product lines and DX marketing application patents.

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Sales Pitch

Introducing some of our products
Cool Bit series of anti-heatstroke products
“Cooling Hat/Cool Bit (TM) series” including cool caps, hats, and vests that cool the back of the head and body for a long time
Children's Heat Stroke Prevention: Coolbit Kids Corner
Professional Cool Bit series that can be mounted on helmets
UV Cool Muffler Towel that cools the neck
Atatakaro Series of anti-cold products
Pocket Warmer in Neck Warmer: Atatakahana and Atatakaro II
Cold Prevention Goods for On-site Construction: Atataka Met Cover
Licensing business for SDGs climate-sensitive digital marketing apps
We have recently been commercializing our license to utilize digital marketing smartphone apps that we have been able to develop and patent with government subsidies.
   We are currently in the process of commercializing the licensing of our recently registered patent 6793301 (under international patent registration procedures).
The content of the smartphone application of this patent is established as our patent right for the next 20 years for the application configuration to be performed on the smartphone. This includes weather forecast in today’s severe climate (temperature, humidity, ultraviolet light, pollen, PM2.5 and other weather phenomena), brand improvement and sales promotion of “related health measures, health care market products”, and the functions and effects of the product, and recommendation of individualized countermeasure products.

As part of the utilization of this patent, we recently developed a “heat countermeasure information application”, which we are currently using as a DX marketing sales promotion app for our cooling wear products. We seek licensors from a wide range of fields, and promote businesses that can be configured as embedded applications exclusively for clients as an automated sales promotion tool for healthcare products.


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