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Industrial machinery manufacturing to support tomorrow's manufacturing with reliable technology

We offer assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance services for industrial machinery. We have a large number of assembly achievements in various fields such as the automotive and semiconductor industries, transportation, medical care, and food. We also make proposals at the stage of drawing and parts manufacturing. We also have a complete system for after-sales follow-up after delivery. Since we are active in the Kyoto City area, we can respond to on-site setups and machine modifications and repairs with a single phone call at a moments notice.

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Processing of mechanical parts for FA
We offer processing of various parts required for assembly and manufacturing of industrial machinery.
Our strength is that we can provide a one-stop service from parts processing to assembly, installation, and setup, thanks to our cooperative system with our cooperating companies.
We offer the most suitable construction for each material and shape, such as lathing, milling, and machine processing by machining centers. We also welcome requests for individual parts processing.
Assembly and electrical installation of machinery and equipment
We manufacture industrial machines of reliable quality based on drawings and materials we receive.
Assembling a large machine requires a great deal of care because the number of parts is very large.
We strive for optimum installation through thorough quality control, as some machines can be rendered unusable by dust inside or even a slightly bad bond.
In addition to maintaining trade secrets and strictly adhering to deadlines, we also provide full support for on-site setup and follow-up services.
We have experience in assembling products from various industries and can be entrusted with a wide variety of industrial machinery regardless of the field.

<Proven industries>
Automotive industry
Semiconductor industry
Transport industry
Healthcare industry
Food industry
Packaging industry, etc.
Modification and repair of various industrial machinery
"The machine suddenly broke down! We’re in trouble, but the manufacturer won't respond."
"I want to be able to use existing machines to produce new varieties!"
"I want to replace the parts with the latest ones to improve the productivity of the equipment!"
Please leave the modification and repair of such industrial machinery to us.

Our company, which is active in the Kyoto City area, has an extensive after-sales follow-up system and excels at small-scale operations.
We can also travel locally, so please feel free to contact us at any time for any reason.
We will be happy to consult on products even if we have not assembled them ourselves.
Reasons for choosing us
Integrated in-house manufacture
After bringing in materials, we can be entrusted with a one-stop service for parts processing, assembly, inspection, installation, and setup.
Industrial machinery is composed of a wide variety of elements and cannot be assembled without a deep understanding of the machine structure and extensive knowledge and experience.
In order to ensure accuracy, we check each and every detail with our own eyes and assemble by hand.
Since we take responsibility for quality control in-house, the finished product is less prone to defects and moves smoothly.
In addition, we have established connections with various cooperating companies for parts processing, which enables us to respond to a wide variety of customer orders.
Consultation at the design stage is also OK
"This is a better shape for the parts to fit together better."
"How about this kind of structure to increase operating efficiency?"
We also offer consultation at the design and component manufacturing stages.
It is quite common for problems to be discovered only after the actual assembly from drawings.
We are able to offer advice from a different perspective than manufacturers because we have been working as assembly professionals for many years.
For industrial machinery, the integrity of details is an important factor in the stability and durability of machine operation.
Experienced craftsmen will inspect drawings and make prototypes, and make appropriate adjustments to ensure that the product is finished in better condition.
High-mix, small-lot orders are also welcome
Since we have established an efficient turn-around system, we can flexibly respond to the manufacture of a wide variety of products, small lots, single items, and prototypes.
In recent years, the life cycles of products and services have become shorter, and there has been a shift from mass production to high-mix low-volume production.
Naturally, changes are occurring at a dizzying pace in the manufacture of industrial machinery as well, and there is an increasing demand for speedier product development and manufacturing.
We utilize the know-how we have cultivated in the production field to help our customers increase the competitiveness of their products and services.
We provide a comfortable manufacturing environment by standing in the customer's shoes in every aspect, such as stabilizing quality, reducing time, and improving delivery efficiency.
Support for local setup
We are working closely with Kyoto City as the center of our community.
We can also take advantage of our proximity to provide on-site services.
"I want to use the machine I received right away"
"It's a precision machine, so I'm worried if I can set the environment well."
In response to such requests, we also provide on-site setup services at the time of delivery.
Furthermore, when a machine is defective or malfunctions, we are only a phone call away and we can be there quickly.
Our work does not end with the delivery of the machine to the customer.
We provide follow-up services for customers who cannot stop their operations or manufacturing lines.
We provide long-lasting support to ensure that our customers' peace of mind continues even after delivery.

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