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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:13


Opening new doors with 3D surveying

We provide high-speed, high-precision 3D surveying by using a ground-based 3D laser scanner and 3D point cloud measurement to acquire more than one million points of point cloud data per second. We live in an era in which highly accurate 3D data is required, as typified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's i-Construction.

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Sales Pitch

Features of surveying
We perform a wide range of services from conventional surveying to 3D point cloud measurement.
We have high accuracy and technical capabilities to satisfy our customers, especially in 3D point cloud surveying, which is required by ICT.
We are confident that we can meet the expectations of our customers, as the use of ground-based 3D scanners for ground surveying and form measurement is one of our most important business activities.

Our own ground-based 3D laser scanner can acquire 1.09 million point clouds in one second. This enables high-speed, high-precision 3D surveying at any site.

[Acquisition of high-precision point cloud data on asphalt paved roads]
Surveying black asphalt paved roads, which do not reflect light well, is a difficult task for ordinary ground-based 3D laser scanners. Our ground-based 3D laser scanners can acquire point cloud data with high accuracy due to the high reflectivity of the asphalt pavement surface. This allows pavement construction to proceed at high speed and efficiency.

[Acquisition of high-precision point cloud data in the dark]
Our ground-based 3D laser scanners use built-in LEDs to acquire detailed point cloud data even in poorly lit dark areas such as inside manholes and tunnels.

[Real-time registration]
Point cloud data can be checked in the field by performing composite processing, colorization, and noise processing in real time on a tablet PC while scanning. This makes it possible to perform everything from scanning to data organization with much higher work efficiency.

[Areas handled]
ICT compliance
In-tunnel measurement
Bridge surveys
Building limit measurement for roads and railroads
Building measurement
Manhole and underdrain measurement
Records of cultural properties and historic sites
Various plant measurements

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