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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:15

Office May Inc.

Total planning, including consulting, research, design, construction, and management

In addition to the design and construction of buildings, interiors, facilities, and electricity, we can provide comprehensive planning for interior design and consulting services. In the IT field of group companies, we support requirements definition, basic design, detailed design, construction, test, UAT, transition, operation, and maintenance. In addition, we propose energy management, energy conservation calculations, cost reductions, backup systems, etc. from various angles.

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Sales Pitch

Business description
Design and construction of buildings, interiors, facilities, and electricity, interior design proposals (buildings, offices, merchandise sales, restaurants, condominiums, detached houses, etc.), consulting services (PM/CM), energy management (IOT), environmental planning (analysis of air flow, temperature, illuminance), system development, energy saving calculation, and in IT of group companies, requirements definition, basic design, detailed design, construction, tests, UAT, transition, operation, maintenance, total proposals for building/IT.
Overview of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Based on our first-class architect office registration, knowledge of equipment electrical design, and acquisition of construction business licenses for 8 industries, in addition to design and construction, we can make interior design proposals and consulting, and with group IT companies, we can perform system development, IOT analysis, energy management through analysis, and proposals for reducing running costs. We can make total proposals from various angles, such as project proposals using subsidies, backup system proposals for disaster prevention and risk avoidance, consideration of the timing of renovation of aging facilities, and investment strategies.
Facility design business
Based on our many years of experience, we will assess the structure of properties and design them to solve problems.

BIM design, air conditioning equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply and drainage sanitary installation, gas facilities, disaster prevention equipment

Electrical installation
Main line equipment, power equipment, substation equipment, lighting equipment, emergency light equipment, guide light equipment, outlet equipment, light electrical equipment, television equipment, broadcasting equipment, surveillance camera equipment, automatic fire alarm equipment, lightning conductor equipment

Design supervision
Construction drawing check / supervision report

Advance investigation consultation report/due diligence report
Installation Business
We supervise the general construction of interiors, machinery, and electrical equipment in our designs and other companies' designs.

Interior construction work
Demolition work, repair work, temporary construction work, waterproofing work, plastering work, light iron and board work, wood work, painting work, interior finishing work, sheet metal work, fitting work, furniture work

Water supply and drainage sanitary installation work
Hot and cold water supply equipment work, drainage work, fire extinguishing equipment work

Air conditioning equipment
Air-conditioning equipment work, ventilation equipment work, and smoke exhaust equipment work

Electrical installation work
Main line equipment work, power equipment work, substation equipment work, lighting equipment work, emergency light equipment work, guide light equipment work, outlet equipment work, light electrical equipment work, television equipment work, broadcasting equipment work, surveillance camera equipment work, automatic fire alarm equipment work, lightning conductor equipment work, production lighting equipment work
Design business
Design brand Tram Design by OM creates functional designs based on design and facilities.

Concept / Image / Drawing

Basic design and implementation design
Basic design, implementation design

Design supervision
Construction drawing check / supervision report

Interior, sign, display
FFE plan, sign plan, display proposal

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