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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:13

Sansei Giken Inc.

For development professionals in fields like fire protection, soundproofing, structure and thermal insulation in the building sector

We assist in the development of industrial products, construction materials, and other products. While we specialize in fire-related experiments, we can cooperate with a wide range of acoustic, physical, and structural experiments. We can also handle simple experiments as we have a small fire test furnace, load cells, jacks, data loggers, displacement transducers, and other equipment. We can visit anywhere in Japan for various experimental assistance services and laboratory assistance.

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Business description and strengths
We were established in 1985 to assist in the development of building materials and industrial products. We mainly provide assistance in building experiments.
The experiments themselves are performed by public institutions, and under their guidance, we are engaged in the fabrication of test specimens for experiments, the design of test specimens, and the planning and organization of experiments and data. In terms of fields, we are particularly strong in fire-related fields, but we also cooperate with a wide range of other fields such as acoustics, physics, and structures. We also believe that this wide range of fields will support us in our various development efforts. We have a small fire test furnace, load cells, jacks, data loggers, displacement transducers, and other equipment for simple experiments.

We will visit anywhere in Japan to assist in various experiments, including the manufacture of test specimens and models, combustion experiments using our own small furnaces, and other experimental assistance services.
[Preparation of test specimens]
We have manufactured more than 10,000 items since our founding, and have conducted 2,400 in-house fireproofing tests using our refractory furnaces. In addition, we have more than 1,400 cases of experimental cooperation and related ancillary work.

Fireproofing, fire protection equipment, and noncombustible materials
Preparation of test specimens for doors, sashes, beams, columns, walls, floors, ceiling shutters, automatic doors, fireproof materials, etc., creation of test specimen drawings and explanatory documents related to test specimens, preliminary experiments using our fire-resistant furnace, and provision of fire-resistant construction handbook materials

Manufacture of sound insulation structure test specimens, provision of sound insulation structure handbooks, manufacture of sound absorption test specimens, manufacture of airtight and watertight test specimens, manufacture of dynamic wind pressure and water spray test specimens, and manufacture of heat insulation-related test specimens

Manufacture of in-plane and out-of-plane displacement structure test specimens, manufacture of vibration test specimens, manufacture of anchors and other test specimens, measurement of force and displacement experiments, and manufacture of concrete plates.

Manufacture of performance test specimen for fixture hardware

Drawing making
Pillar fireproof specimen drawings, roof fireproof specimen drawings, exterior wall semi-fireproof specimen drawings, etc.
[Experimental assistance and various measurements]
Fire experiments
Responses to a wide range of needs from experimental body fabrication to measurement.

Data logger measurements
Various measurements of temperature, displacement, strain, radiant heat, load, etc.

Experimental assistance and support
Flexible responses to everything from setting up the test specimen to recording observations.
Research and development and sales of refractory materials
We are engaged in research and sales of refractory materials.

<Products for sale>
Various thermocouples (thermocouples, sheathed thermocouples, and related materials)
Various heat insulators (ceramic wool, calcium silicate plate)
Sales of detergents, dust masks, dustproof clothing, etc.

Preliminary experiments
Preliminary experiments on fire prevention and fireproofing
Support for small-scale materials development
Support for development of fire-resistant cladding materials using reduced models
Preliminary experiments at full-scale
Flame shielding test (damper) not related to certification

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