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Latest update: 19/09/2023 15:55:39

Seisgadget Ltd.

Connecting state-of-the-art marine survey technologies across borders

Total support from sales of equipment to technical services in the fields of marine geophysical survey and marine robotics. We have extensive connections with overseas manufacturers and have experience participating in projects such as the design and development of equipment for monitoring subsea oil wells and the development of neutrino observational instruments. We are also expanding research for offshore wind power generation, contributing to the development of marine resource development.

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Geophysical Survey Service
Sales, rental, maintenance and repair of equipment
We provide the equipment and seafloor seismographs necessary for geophysical surveys through sales and rentals by establishing partnerships with major geophysical survey equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Japan and overseas. We can handle everything from individual equipment components to entire systems. We also offer maintenance and repair of major equipment upon request.

Technical and research support
Our engineers with extensive experience in operating geophysical instruments on domestic and international research and observation vessels will assist in the adjustment and operation of geophysical instruments. We provide comprehensive services, from equipment configuration and equipment placement on the back deck of the survey vessel to technical support for operational procedures, as well as survey vessel chartering, in accordance with the requested survey specifications.
Marine robotics
Sales of sensors and equipment, etc.
We sell and provide services for unmanned watercraft, autonomous unmanned submersibles, and other sensors and equipment that enable higher resolution observations and surveys.

Technical and research support
Geophysical survey and robotics are technologies and solutions for CCS/CCUS (carbon dioxide storage and utilization) and offshore wind power generation, which are expected to contribute to the realization of decarbonization and "Net Zero." Robotics, in particular, is working to develop solutions that will revolutionize not only offshore related surveys but also the inspection of underwater infrastructure facilities and equipment.

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