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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:09


Leveraging advanced AI technology to further improve the efficiency of corporate operations

We are a company engaged in the AI service business and messaging service (SMS) business. In the AI business, we provide services such as AI analysis, AI chat, and AI recommendation. We have a technical development advisor with a doctorate in information engineering and a team of highly skilled development personnel. In the SMS business, we realize new customer communication by combining it with various services (safety confirmation, DM efficiency, payment settlement, etc.). We are taking steps to further strengthen our AI business, which is expected to grow in the market in the future.

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AI product business
Deep Predictor (no-code AI prediction, analysis, and policy derivation tool)
This is a no-code AI analysis service that provides the best measures, their effectiveness and rationale. Deep Predictor makes it easy for anyone, even non-experts, to build highly accurate models, evaluate the quality of the built models, explain the factors behind the predictions, and optimize them. The system is provided by SaaS. The service is available via a dedicated web screen or API. In addition, our data scientists help customers acquire the skills to use Deep Predictor in a speedier and more AI-oriented manner.
Deep Messaging (AI recommendation delivery tool)
This is an AI recommendation platform that maximizes the effectiveness of delivery to re-purchase and site/store visits. Deep Messaging is a no-code, few-click recommendation generation with a state-of-the-art recommendation AI engine. The multi-channel delivery management screen enables optimal delivery and effectiveness measurement. In addition, our data scientists provide total support from issue design to implementation and operation.
QA Robot (QA Chatbot)
Achieving a rich customer experience and streamlining inquiry operations
This is a highly accurate AI chat service. QA Robot is an AI chatbot that automatically responds to internal and external inquiries in a conversational format via message tools and web chat. We can achieve greater efficiency and cost savings while increasing customer satisfaction by taking into account ambiguous expressions, nuances, and misspellings that people type into chatbots, as well as by supporting the unique terminology of the companies that have introduced the service.
AI solutions business
AI analytics service
We develop AI services at high speed in a single integrated process from planning, AI construction and operation to system development and maintenance, and contribute to solving and expanding customers' business issues.
Messaging service (SMS) business
SMS service "Absolute Reach! SMS"
This is an SMS sending/receiving service for corporate customers. All carriers are supported, enabling a wide range of business operations. “Absolutely Reach! SMS," which connects companies and users, is a unique system integration method that utilizes HTTPS (Web API) and SMPP (SMPP v3.4) APIs and can be used for various businesses. We offer a variety of plans, from basic plans that can provide information to users, to plans that replace paper DMs, to plans that enable identity authentication and payment. More than 5,000 companies have adopted our products.

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