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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:12

Hokuetsu Printing K.K.

We give shape to the ideas you want to communicate.

We produce printed materials such as pamphlets, flyers, and posters. With the latest equipment, we can respond to various needs from B1 size to business card size, and add one color (fluorescent color, varnish, etc.) to the standard four colors. We can also produce novelties including mainly logos and paper products. Transmission of excitement and creation to the future from over 100 years of experience.

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Offset printing
Our state-of-the-art machines, made by the likes of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Komori, meet a variety of needs, from large B1-size products to small printed materials such as business cards. An extra color (fluorescent color, varnish, etc.) can be printed on four colors up to the maximum dimension B1 size (large size poster).

On-demand printing
We can print small lots from a minimum of one copy with a short delivery time. We print a variety of items, including business cards, small copies, flyers, leaflets, and pamphlets. For example, we can change the color every 10 copies, change the printing paper, and meet various other needs.
We can perform bookbinding to meet a variety of needs, beginning with a 160-page binding-capable saddle-stitching machine, as well as perfect binding machines and sewing machines that can process up to a spine width of 50 mm. In addition, even when dealing with large lots with large numbers of pages and copies, our eight folding machines achieve short delivery times. For folding, we can also fold bellows up to 10 times or A3DM.
Focusing on print media, we make it clear and easy to understand what you want to convey, and sometimes we help you with branding, so we can propose designs that stir your heart.
Direct mail
From printing to shipping, we undertake one-stop contracts.
We offer various printing expressions, from normal printing to special printing. We do in-house bookbinding, address printing, and filling operations.

Retapari, a DM with environmentally friendly water paste
This is an open type DM that is fun to open, so you will want to open it. Numerous variations are available in various patterns to suit the purpose of sales promotion and the amount of information.

For details, please refer to our website.
We can also produce novelties including mainly paper products. Making use of the characteristics of paper, we are creating products that can be freely designed and are friendly to the environment. Novelties that can be easily handed out are useful for company recognition and sales promotion.

Example Novelties
Mask cases, eco-calendars, eco-fans, and ECO series

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