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We provide a stable supply of critical automotive parts

We manufacture metal parts for automotive wire harnesses. The number of products we produce is expanding year by year, and we are building a system that can realize a stable supply.
We recognize the importance of good facilities, a good work environment, and the development of human resources in order to continue to produce better products, and we are actively engaged in these efforts.

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Business description
Mold design and manufacture
[In-house molding]
High-precision molds are realized with high-precision components. Mold parts manufactured with a margin of error of ±0.001 are expensive and take many days to produce. We have a system in place to produce most parts in-house. We maintain the same temperature inside the room throughout the year, and our machine-made parts are highly precise and faithful to the specifications. We have accumulated many years of skill and know-how, and have the ability to make proposals according to the situation.

[Features of our mold manufacture]
Capable of machining cemented carbides with long part life.
No interference between parts, even with narrow clearances.
Press processing
[Production control system cultivated through the manufacture of automotive parts]
We emphasize the manualization of work procedures and equipment maintenance in order to maintain a stable supply of products that meet the high quality requirements of automotive parts (high precision and reduced mass production costs).

[Features of our press processing]
We specialize in products that are formed as a single product by supplying materials from two directions, as well as special press products such as ring shapes.

We have an air-conditioned, clean, and extremely safe and secure work environment.
Quality assurance system
We continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 and meet the stringent quality requirements for automotive parts in order to manage our production system and quality assurance activities in a systematic and effective manner.

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