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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:14

Glass Cube K.K.

We make noodles using the manufacturing know-how we cultivated in the glass industry

We produce the Seiryu Series, including Seiryu Somen and Udon, with delicious flavor recognized even by chefs of popular restaurants. In order to take over the tradition of noodle making, which was once likely to be lost due to the aging of craftsmen, a company operating in the glass processing industry in Toyama Prefecture launched our company to take on the challenge of the food business. In Toga Village, surrounded by mountains with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters in the southwestern part of Toyama Prefecture, our artisans handmake noodles one by one, taking advantage of the manufacturing expertise we have cultivated in the glass industry. We continue to produce sanitary noodles based on strict quality control, while preserving the traditions in this area which has conditions indispensable for making delicious noodles, such as cold weather and temperature difference between day and night as well as beautiful water of the clear Momose River. The Seiryu Series offers a rich lineup of somen, udon, and soba.

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We utilize know-how cultivated in the glass industry
We have introduced superinsulated glass to the windows of our manufacturing plant to keep the temperature and humidity of the interior constant. We have selected glass that is ideal for food production from the standpoint of a glass manufacturer. We have also replaced our old equipment in accordance with the standards of manufacturing by glass manufacturers, creating a system that allows us to continuously produce high-quality products.
Moisture adjustment
In glass manufacturing, there is a processing method called “laminated glass” in which a resin film called “interlayer film” is sandwiched and crimped to prevent penetration of ultraviolet light and flying objects, and daily moisture checks are essential for thorough humidity control.
By applying this expertise in humidity management, we have been able to manage and adjust on a daily basis the moisture values that are important for making somen, enabling reliable good flavor.
Hygiene management
Laminated glass is made in a strictly controlled environment called a “clean room” in which even a small piece of thread cannot be brought in between the glass. The clean clothes used there, which are made of materials that are resistant to lint and dust, have been introduced to the noodle making site to ensure thorough hygiene management.
Made by the hands of artisans, with care put into each and every one
The kneaded dough is processed into noodles, and the noodles are stretched out with a pair of chopsticks. The noodles hanging on poles are separated by two split sticks while pouring the dough, and then they are stretched long and thin.
Drying is a slow process that takes four days. Slowly drying from the core of the noodles over a period of four days gives the extra-thin noodles a smooth feel when swallowed and a chewy texture.
The long noodles are put together one by one by the hand of a craftsman in the “temari ball” shape, which is a characteristic of Seiryu Somen. When you boil it in a pot, you can break it into a size that is easy to eat, and you can enjoy the mellow aroma of wheat.

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