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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:15

Kyowa Industry K.K.

Come to us for precision sheet metal working without scratches and dirt.

We provide quality precision sheet metal working for medical device parts. With a focus on high-mix, low/medium-volume production, we can handle sheet metal from 1 mm or less in thickness to sheet metal from 3.2 mm to 8.0 mm, machining, welding, and unit assembly all in one batch.
With the principle of putting quality first, we share information among employees through our unique production management system and take measures to prevent quality problems.

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Characteristics of our Company
Quality First Principle
We continue to make precision sheet metal products on a daily basis, following the motto of quality first.
Our original drawing management system displays the drawing of the product to be machined on the terminal installed in each device, and the defect history is also displayed before the start of work. We are building a system, with which If you use the same drawing, you can understand the problems that occurred in the past at once, and take countermeasures against them.

Work standards are prepared in all processes to enable the production of precision sheet metal of stable quality. In addition, the production instruction sheet also contains a history of in-process voluntary inspections by workers.
Our production control system can be used to enter the number of defects that have occurred in the processing process, and to determine which process defects have an impact on the production volume.

We are also focusing on the following spill countermeasures.
Voluntary inspection in each process
Sampling inspection (Dimensions, etc. Each process, final process. Stipulated by ISO.)  
Final inspection process
Sampling inspection (e.g. dimensions) and appearance inspection (total number, if any limit sample exchanged with the customer, then inspect them accordingly)
Especially in the final inspection process, more personnel are assigned to carry out careful inspections.
Processing system capable of handling unit batch contracts
We handle all the processing related to sheet metal. All you have to do is place an order for a unit batch.

Thin Sheet Metal
We also handle precision sheet metal processing using steel plates with a thickness of 1.0 mm or less, which is generally called thin sheet metal, and we can do mass production with our well-equipped facilities. We also use YAG laser welding machines and fiber laser welding machines for those of 0.5 mm or more.
Medium sheet metal
Medium sheet metal is the area in which we excel in precision sheet metal processing using steel sheets from 3.2 mm to 8.0 mm in thickness. Facilities and technologies for processing thick steel plates enable us to handle everything from small to large products.
MC/NC lathing
We can do machining using machining centers and NC lathes. By processing machined parts necessary for precision sheet metal processing in batches, such as block-shaped squares and shafts, we can achieve short delivery times and low costs.

Unit Assembly
We are also responsible for the assembly of the units and some electrical equipment required for them. Furthermore, we not only produce and assemble drawings, but also listen to customers' requests and make VA and VE proposals for changes in the shape of precision sheet metal and machine parts and the use of common parts to help customers improve their product competitiveness.

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