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Kishima Co., Ltd.

We always pursue originality in product development

We plan, manufacture, and sell household appliances such as interior lights and aroma diffusers, as well as miscellaneous household goods such as artificial greenery and garden items. We always pursue originality and supply originally designed products that match diverse lifestyles. We strive to supply affordable, high-quality products based on strong partnerships with our own factories and overseas partner factories. We also have many achievements related to OEM.

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Business features
Support from product planning to in-store sales promotion support
Our efforts are consistent from product planning to support for store operation and sales improvement.

[Original design]
Most of our products are originally designed from a woman's perspective by our in-house designers. We have many original products that other companies do not offer.

[Achievement of both reasonable prices and quality]
We deal directly with all of our overseas partner factories, which enables us to quickly purchase products at reasonable costs. We also have facilities and systems for processing in Japan, taking advantage of our know-how in domestic production. Our cooperative relationship with reliable factories enables us to provide safe and high quality products.

[Detailed quality control]
Imported products are strictly checked locally overseas. We also conduct acceptance inspections in Japan and strive to provide high-quality products.

[Domestic delivery systems]
We have a large multi-story automated warehouse at our headquarters in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture. We manage a large number of products efficiently and deliver them promptly to customers throughout Japan.

[Sales promotion support for dealers]
We offer a wide range of promotional tools for use in stores. We are actively engaged in supporting store operations and sales improvement.
Diverse products that create a “comfortable atmosphere”
Modern lifestyles are undergoing rapid and diverse changes. We believe that everything we are constantly pursuing ultimately comes down to “comfortable atmosphere” in our customers' lives. We offer a diverse lineup of products with “ comfortable atmosphere" as the keyword.

[Interior lighting]
We offer a wide variety of interior design products, from large chandeliers to be installed in living rooms to small pendant lights.

[Humidifiers & Green Tea LAB]
 We have a selection of humidifiers for home use and aromatic water for humidifiers.
In 2017, we launched "Ocha-no-chikara," a product jointly developed with the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University, that combines antiviral and antibacterial activity with new catechin technology. In 2018, we launched humidifiers, diffusers, and "Aroma Water," a new catechin technology product, under the GTL (Green Tea LAB) brand.

[Artificial Greenery]
We sell artificial plants with a CT catalyst treatment that cleans the air. We provide CT catalyst coatings in Japan that purify the air in the rooms of customers
through a naturally friendly chemical (catalytic) reaction called "oxidation and reduction."

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