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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:11

Astec Corporation

Styrofoam products have unlimited possibilities as ideal lifestyle materials

We manufacture and sell styrofoam, which is used in a wide range of fields, including transportation boxes for fresh food, cushioning materials for home electronics appliances/OA equipment, and housing materials. We have a manufacturing and sales system of six factories and six sales offices nationwide to provide swift and meticulous services through our own closely knit network.

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Product overview
Fish box
This box is mainly used for holding fresh fish, and has excellent heat insulation and durability, which are essential for long-distance transportation. We have a thousand different types of boxes, so we can prepare shapes that meet your needs.
Processing box
This box is mainly used for holding processed goods, and it is lightweight and excellent in durability, so it can be used as a gift or for taking home.
Agricultural products
Fruit box
This box is well-ventilated and has a mechanism that prevents fruit from being damaged. Styrofoam's unique cushioning capability makes it much harder to damage fruits than wooden boxes and corrugated cardboard.
Reusable box
This box is made stronger than a normal box because it is used more than once.
Vegetable box
It has good thermal insulation and prevents vegetables from being damaged. Styrofoam's unique cushioning capability makes it much harder to damage vegetables than corrugated cardboard.
Styrofoam blocks can be used instead of earth as embankment filling. Utilizing the characteristics of water resistance and buoyancy, this product is used in places where bank raising is required after the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, and it is also used in landfills at Kansai International Airport and Chubu International Airport.
Building materials
Mixing in ant repellent prevents houses from collapsing due to insects such as termites.
Home Electronics
Cushioning material
We also support complex shapes by discussions from the design stage.
This product can be used as a lightweight material to meet a wide range of conditions, including heat resistance, fire resistance, and chemical resistance.
Building materials and cut products
Insulating material
Leveraging its low thermal conductivity, this material is mainly used as an insulating material for residential use. The cost is lower than other insulation materials, so it offers excellent cost performance.
Cut product
We cut the block product to the shape desired by the customer.
Pot material
This styrofoam is used in pots exclusively for kochoran (the orchid Phalaenopsis aphrodite).
Used for agricultural materials. This product is lightweight and heat-retaining, so customers can start their initial investment at a low cost.
Robot tray
This is a hard foam tray that can be removed and inserted by an automatic assembly robot. High dimensional accuracy can be reproduced.
Core material
This material is used as a core material for parts that require weight reduction, such as car deck boards and jet skis.

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