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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:06

Aqua Truth Co., Ltd.

Aiming for the ultimate additive-free cosmetics using Japan's first freezing technology

We manufacture and sell completely additive-free cosmetics. We can provide quality at the time of manufacture by quick freezing using Japan's first freezing technology at our own factory in Okinawa without using any of the 15 additives such as synthetic surfactants and preservatives.

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Main products
Additive-free cosmetics
"We don't want to add any chemicals that could be damaging to skin, even in trace amounts."

These cosmetics pursue the ultimate additive-free concept, not using formerly designated ingredients such as artificial fragrances and paraben, nor any other preservatives, antioxidants, or synthetic surfactants.

We offer both frozen and room temperature types of our “Reitou Cosme."
Why we’re chosen
Free of 15 additives
Our additive-free products are free of synthetic surfactants, mineral oil, BG, alcohol, phenoxyethanol, parabens, synthetic polymers, silicone, chelating agents, UV absorbers, DPG, PG, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colors, and pentylene glycol.

Manufactured at our own plant in Okinawa
It was extremely difficult to create completely additive-free cosmetics. We consulted with a number of manufacturing companies, but were turned down by all of them, so we set up our own factory. Please watch the video to learn more about our manufacturing process and quality control.

Okinawa ocean deep water
Deep water off the coast of Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture was taken from depths of 1,400 m and 600 m, and added to the famous water of Yanbaru, northern Okinawa, with the best balance for cosmetics. Deep seawater contains abundant minerals and leads to clear skin.

Safe, secure, and hygienic single-use packaging
As with additive-free foods, additive-free cosmetics begin to deteriorate the moment they are unsealed. A special anti-oxidant film is used for hygienic morning and evening care, with fresh products used daily.

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