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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:13

Hayashida Kogyo K.K.

Custom-made products made by sheet metal processing professionals

We specialize in processing sheet metal about 0.8 mm to 3 mm thick, including metal parts for office furniture, and are also able to handle extremely small lot processing. Recently, we have launched our own custom-made product brand Linda, and we are recruiting our partner companies who will work together to create new value through metal processing combined with something else.

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Sales Pitch

Business description
Sheet metal machining
We excel in press working, turret punching, laser processing, bending, CO2 welding, and Tig welding for thin to medium-thickness sheet metals, and are also able to handle extremely small lot machining.
Linda, a custom order online shop
We are capable of custom making products because we have valued “manufacturing from the buyer's point of view,” for 50 years of working in sheet metal processing.

We welcome requests from not only companies but also individual customers, such as “Make products with the company's logo” and “Make steel with original design.”

Features of Linda
We make custom orders, so each product is unique!
We use high-performance scanners for both design and performance.
Enjoy the fun of making something from nothing.

Good-selling products (examples)
Owl & Flower Menu Stand
Outdoor unit cover Neige
Pi-chan’s outdoor unit cover
And so on.

For details, refer to the Linda website.

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