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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:05

Yoshimasa Co., Ltd.

Along with the pride of the bustling city of Yokohama, the birthplace of Japanese scarves, we will continue to promote products from Japan to the world.

We began by selling high-end scarves from Yokohama, and have since expanded into more casual products such as mufflers and stoles. With a wide variety of materials ranging from cashmere and silk to acrylic, we produce products not only in Japan but also in cooperation with partner companies in China, India, Italy, and other parts of the world, and distribute them in Japan. We offer proposals according to your budget, such as OEM and support for small lots.

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Sales Pitch

Our original products
Extreme Silk DuRē, a combination of Japanese silk technologies
We commissioned long-established silk companies in various parts of Japan that have been in business for more than 100 years to create products under our own brand, which incorporate many elements such as durability and washability, and reprinting patterns from 60 years ago.

Product description
Extreme Silk DuRē has the advantages of silk, but has been made into scarves that are easy to use and suitable for outdoor activities, sweeping away the image of silk being difficult to handle. It was born from the combined efforts of silk professionals. It is also the definition of a new silk scarf, woven using 17,346 raw threads in the warp, a Hyper Guard finish that makes it resistant to rubbing and washing, a flame-retardant finish that prevents further spreading of flames, and various other functions. These scarves were printed with reprinted archival materials of scarves exported from Japan to Africa about 60 years ago, which are preserved by the City of Yokohama, and have historical value as a product.

Track record of media coverage
Senken Shimbun newspaper
Kanagawa Shimbun newspaper
Otoko-no-Kakurega magazine, June issue
OUTDOOR Asobikuru magazine, Vol. 12
AUTO CAMPER magazine, June issue
Product description
RIEMA YOKOHAMA is an original scarf brand by RIE, a scarf instructor who served as the 7th Yokohama Scarf Goodwill Ambassador. The inspiration comes from the south of France, where RIE traveled with her daughter MAI, a graphic designer, in 2018. The coloring and designs are inspired by the rich nature and colors of France. They are sure to animate the expression and feelings of people who pick up these scarves. And we have instilled these products with the hope that through RIEMA YOKOHAMA, the beauty of Yokohama scarves will spread to the world.

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