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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:13


We are working to develop creative products that integrate IT and sensor technology.

We are also involved in the development of various PC peripherals and sensors, as well as the planning and manufacturing of our own products. We are working on the development of creative products that combine IT and sensor technologies, such as camera-based touch panels, electromagnetic induction pressure distribution sheet sensors, and the "Peg Amore" head health management and cognitive function measurement and training machine. All of our employees work together to develop products and services that can be said to be the best in the world in a particular field, and to provide them to our customers.

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Products of the Shiroku Division
Camera-based touch panel
Super large edition touch screen
Our touch sensor allows touch operation of images projected from a projector onto a very large 200-inch screen.

Ultra-high-speed touch screen
A high-speed version that detects 400 points per second is also available as a customized product, which can detect the coordinates of fast-moving objects such as flying balls and arrows as well as fingers.

Excellent durability, external light, image visibility
Our touch sensor is an accurate touch detection technology that takes advantage of the CMOS camera method, allowing up to four touches and gesture operations. It is also a new technology selected as a new business field development project in cooperation with different fields under the Act for Facilitating New Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and is a revolutionary product that realizes stable multi-touch with less sensitivity to ambient light, which has been an issue up to now.

Fast, high-precision input
Infrared rays emitted from the camera unit are retroreflected by the reflective tape to detect input coordinates more quickly and accurately. It is also compatible with large-screen monitors familiar with weather forecasts, and TVs and monitors from various manufacturers can be retrofitted to become touch panels. Our touch sensors are also used in logistics warehouses and gaming facilities, and we can respond to a variety of needs other than touch panels.

*We will assemble and adjust the glass to custom sizes according to various monitor sizes, and then ship.
Electromagnetic induction pressure distribution sheet sensor
LL Sensor
This is the world's first electromagnetic induction pressure distribution sheet sensor jointly developed by our company and the Industrial Technology Institute of Ibaraki Prefecture.
 The contact pressure distribution of various objects is measured and displayed in real time. LL Sensor sensor sheets are highly durable and inexpensive, so they can be used in a wide range of applications such as business, security, sports analysis, and game input devices, by incorporating them into various devices or connecting them together to create a large-area floor sensor.
 Since the world's first LL Sensor based on the electromagnetic induction method was released in February 2007, it has been used in many fields, including integration into arcade game machines, chairs, and various devices.

How LL Sensor works
It has a simple structure with a cell section where the coils are orthogonal to each other and a metal sheet through which a buffer material is placed. When the metal sheet, which moves in response to pressure, approaches the cell section, the electromagnetic coupling changes, and by detecting the coupling coefficient, the pressure in each cell is independently indicated.

Sensor circuits are non-contact and therefore highly durable
Low impedance of the sensor circuit allows for larger size
Simple structure of the sensor circuit allows mass production at low cost
Peg Amore head health management and cognitive function measurement and training machine
Head health
In joint research with Professor Tomohiro Okura of the University of Tsukuba, we discovered that the physical ability most strongly associated with cognitive function is skillfulness (peg movement). Based on the hypothesis that a new evaluation test could be created by crossing the peg movement test, a method for evaluating skillfulness, with the TMT (Trial Making Test), a typical test for attention function, an important cognitive function, the TMP (Trial Making Peg) test was developed and materialized. As a result, we have derived the validity of the method as a cognitive function evaluation method by parallel evaluation with the Five Cog Test, calculated the cognitive function level coefficients, and developed an electronic device.

Usage scenario
Those who are keen on preventing loss of cognitive function
Facilities that provide cognitive function care
Facilities that wish to provide objective prevention of cognitive function through numerical values
Those who wish to detect Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) at an early stage
Owner of a senior housing complex with a training room
Facilities that provide rehabilitation using peg bars
Facilities that regularly use TRT for cognitive function testing
Those who want to use it for their grandchildren's intellectual education, but also want to use it themselves.
Those who want to improve cognitive function while having fun with the whole family, from children to the elderly
Human Resources Departments that make decisions on rehiring older workers
Companies implementing health management

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