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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:08

Nakayama Seimitsu Co., Ltd.

We specialize in cemented carbide and wear-resistant precision tools

We manufacture high-precision customized parts for semiconductor production equipment and connector die parts. We strive to manufacture parts that you can trust with our high-precision processing technologies for synthetic diamond, cemented carbide, ceramics, and difficult-to-machine materials. Under the company motto of “Skilled Hands, Eyes, and Engineers,” we strive to develop excellent human resources, acquire the latest processing technology, and constantly aim to manufacture high-quality products.

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Business description
Our parts are used in electronic parts, robot-related parts, semiconductors such as diodes, integrated circuits such as ICs and LSIs, home electronics appliances, automobiles, food-related parts, factory automation equipment, and other end products that are essential for building the future society of the 21st century. As more and more micro and precision products will be required in the future, we are refining our technological capabilities to meet those needs.

Collets and nozzles
Semiconductors (Tr, diodes), integrated circuit (IC, LSI) assembly peripheral parts,
die bonding equipment, dispenser equipment, etc.

Semiconductor device parts
Precision mold parts (pressing and mold related), electronic parts, automotive parts, medical care and pharmaceutical-related parts, food-related parts, etc.

Precision mold parts (pressing and mold related)
Electronic parts, automotive parts, medical care and pharmaceutical-related parts, food-related parts, etc.

Precision machinery parts
Factory automation equipment, automobiles, device parts, robot-related parts, space equipment industry-related parts, etc.

Resin molding die parts
CAVCOR, injection screw heads, gate pieces, core pins, hoppers, etc.

Sintered diamond (PCD)
BariToru deburring bits, semiconductor parts, electronic parts, automotive parts, etc.
Technology strength
PCD, super-steel, steel, resin, ceramics, etc. There is nothing that we cannot process.

Skilled techniques
Our company began with hole enlargement and internal surface polishing of wire drawing dies, and this technology has been passed down to the present day. These include technologies that cannot be done by machine tools. Techniques cultivated through years of experience in the characteristics and properties of materials, pin materials and molding, grain size and quantity of abrasives, etc., enable micron-order adjustments.

Realization of nano-level processing
Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment enable us to achieve ultra-precision (nano-level) processing. (Nano is one-billionth.)
For example, it is applied to products in a wide range of fields, such as lens molds and precision parts for fuel cells.

Wide range of processing
We process a wide range of materials including steel, resin, ceramics, and PCD to meet your needs.

Tirelessly trying new technologies
We are continuously conducting technical research on manufacturing precision parts using sintered diamond. In particular, we are working with universities and industrial technology centers to investigate the sintered diamond brazing bonding mechanism, and are making further efforts to help guarantee strength and detect defects at an early stage.

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