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Latest update: 30/11/2023 11:29:05

AItoAir K.K.

Make people happy with the AI revolution

We conduct R&D of the Tinyboom development platform for edge AI, and provide support for business development focusing on image analysis and time-series data analysis. With edge AI technology, we can provide AI operations with ultra-low power consumption, and AI operations in a form with greatly reduced communication costs. We also provide a development platform that makes edge AI development easy for everyone. Anyone can install AI in their company’s equipment and products with just a click.

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Introduction to AI applications
Edge AI
Making ideas into reality with edge AI
Tinyboom has an intuitive interface, which lets you easily build and deploy edge AI models. Unleash the potential of edge computing and turn your ideas into reality.
Appearance inspection system
Manufacturers can build appearance inspection systems that automate the quality control process. Product defects, anomalies, or irregular features are detected in real time to ensure product quality and reduce the need for visual inspections.
Predictive maintenance
Make use of edge AI models to monitor machine health, analyze sensor data, and proactively identify potential problems to ensure proper maintenance and minimize downtime.
Smart wearables
Analyze health data from wearables
Real-time analysis of vital signs collected by wearables, activity tracking, and early detection of health abnormalities can be developed.