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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:10

AMN Co., Ltd.

Transform your business by using design in every aspect

We use design to support development. Focusing on work related to product design, space design, and concept design, we can carry out a wide range of work including the series of development processes from research and concept creation to idea development, verification, implementation, market launch, and more.

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Business description
Business design
We identify the scope of the business issues you want to solve and make use of the most appropriate design skills according to the process.

Product design
Even though the main focus of product design is on design and development, we introduce the essence of design into the areas before and after design and development with reference to the business process as a whole.

IT design
We build IT design-based sites and services by reflecting physical and psychological aspects in abstract user interface design and designing actions and processes themselves to improve the user experience.

Space design
We design user behavior in developing spaces that inspire expected user behavior or enhance expected value. We develop a space design that inspires the designed behavior.

Collaborative design
As open innovation directors, we assist in everything from matching companies with each other to facilitating projects.

SDGs design
Among the 17 goals, we will identify which goals are feasible with the investment of resources and time, and identify where specifically to focus or concentrate your efforts as we dig down into the goals.
Related business
Research and strategy
Market research, customer research, technology research, internal strengths research, purpose and vision development, strategy development, team building, scheduling, concept creation, persona development, etc.

Testing and implementation
Prototyping, rough models, design models, working models, design testing, user testing, design evaluation, user evaluation, product design, CAD, etc.

PR and sales
Photography direction, video direction, social media support, crowdfunding support, landing page design, e-commerce design, exhibition planning, event planning, corporate PR, product PR, etc.

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