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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:09

Terasawa Inc.

Contributing to environmental protection with a two-pronged purification technology of filtration systems and bio-systems

We develop, manufacture, and sell filtration, purification, decomposition, and oil-water separation systems for waste water. We provide purification technologies based on a two-pronged system of filtration and bio-systems, including membrane filters that do not require cleaning solution replacement, liquid quality modification equipment that improves cleanability and eliminates consumables, flotation sludge collectors, and grease trap oil and grease decomposition systems.
These environmental load reduction devices purify water/liquid/water solutions used by companies, aiming to reduce the amount of industrial waste and cut costs.

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Two purification technologies: filtration systems and bio-systems
Membrane filter machine
Oil, ultrafine particles, and odorous components are removed from industrial water (cleaning solution, etc.) where dirt accumulates every day, and the liquid does not progress dirt and maintains cleanliness for a long time. When used with 300 liters of cleaning solution, it extends (extends the life) the timing of cleaning solution renewal from weekly to more than 6 months (approximately 20 times) while maintaining stable cleaning quality over the long term, thereby significantly reducing labor and costs associated with industrial waste disposal. The membrane module uses UF/MF membranes and does not use filters or other consumables or chemicals.
(1) Removes oil/avoids emulsion decomposition and emulsion formation.
(2) Removes ultrafine particles (0.001μ~).
(3) Restores the cleanliness of the solution used (cleaning solution) while eliminating the source of bad odors.
(4) Regenerates membrane modules for repeated use.
*The use limit of the membrane depends on the contamination of the liquid and the permeate flow rate.
An unmanned, compact, energy-saving, and consumable-free device. UiTARO is a primary treatment type purifier that stops the progress of contamination in industrial water (e.g., washing water), which accumulates dirt every day, and prolongs the life of the liquid and recycles it through the use of its unique microbubbles and magnetic force technology. Microbubbles also increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the liquid, thereby suppressing the growth of anaerobic bacteria and preventing putrid odors. It also works to help activate biotechnology and fish and shellfish. This device is designed to recycle or extend the life of industrial water to be disposed of. The system is a purification system that contributes to environmental protection by separating and reducing the volume of sludge contained in industrial water with our unique technology and reducing the volume of wastewater, thereby reducing the time and cost of waste treatment in total.
Magnetic function
Accelerates oil-water separation/solid-liquid separation and reforms into a scum shape
Prevents scale adhesion accumulated inside pipes
Microbubble function
Microbubbles are blown into the circulating water discharged from the circulation pump at a maximum of 300 liters per minute, and separated sludge is floated
Increases the amount of oxygen in water, suppresses anaerobes, and prevents foul odors. It also activates the biotechnology function
Handling is maintenance-free
Energy saving, autonomous driving
No consumables such as filters or chemicals are required
This system breaks down organic matter contained in paint chips and food residues without manual labor and renders them harmless by, for example, eliminating the source of odors. Paint residue reduces the volume to be disposed of (volume reduction) and is light enough to be modified into rags and brittle and float in water, thus reducing labor and expense for cleaning and maintenance of the paint booth and eliminating the need for booth water renewal. In the food processing industry, food residues and grease that accumulate in drainage lines (grease traps, sewage pipes, etc.) from the kitchen clog the sewage pipes and cause foul odors, which is a troublesome and latent problem. This is a novel system that solves all these problems at once. Organic matter accounts for 70% in paints and almost 100% in food-based residues. Bio completely decomposes this organic matter, reducing the amount of waste, making it lighter and harmless.
*In order to maximize the effect of the bio, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water in which it is dropped must be kept stable at all times, and the water must be allowed to flow in order to ensure sufficient mixing of the water containing the bio and the oversprayed paint powder.
When these conditions are met, the paint booth is transformed as follows:
Paint residue has become ragged and brittle, and can be removed with a hand spatula without the use of an air tool.
The amount of paint residue (sludge) has been reduced by approximately 70%, and the smell of paint thinner has disappeared.
Booth water no longer needs to be replaced, and cleaning and maintenance costs for paint booths have been reduced by approximately 50%.

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