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Latest update: 19/09/2023 13:09:56

FDK Co., Ltd.

With our special technology, we produce corsages that are as close to fresh flowers as possible

We manufacture and sell corsages using artificial flowers. Our strength lies in manufacturing high-quality, low-priced products that are as close as possible to fresh flowers in terms of color and petal shape. Our products have a track record of use in entrance and graduation ceremonies at childcare and educational facilities throughout Japan, and at many corporate and local government events. We want to expand new sales channels by making use of the corsage and artificial flower manufacturing technology we have cultivated to date, such as developing new products and using them in other applications.

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Carefully arranged corsages
Carefully selected materials
The “flower” part of the main flower or bud is dyed to be as close as possible to a fresh flower. The “flower” and “leaf” parts are made mainly of lightweight polyester with beautiful luster and excellent durability, and the “stem” is made of high-strength polyethylene with bendability. We take the utmost care in manufacturing our products to prevent color transfer to clothing and fading during and after wearing. The core of the “stem” is made of steel wire, and you can change the shape yourself within the range of its movement. The number and condition of the flower petals are also carefully selected. For some products, we apply a reddish-brown color to the edges of the “leaves” to reproduce the withering condition of the flowers, which shows how meticulous we are. You will be surprised at how realistic the finish is: so much so that they could be mistaken for fresh flowers. Example: Corsage Rose Red

We have also devised a device that prevents a corsage from rotating. Due to the shape of a corsage, the upper part (flower head) is heavier than the lower part, and the corsage tends to rotate and turn upside down while being worn. However, our company’s corsages are made of the lightest possible materials for the main flower itself, the upper wire, and the upper component parts, while increasing the thickness of the “stem” at the bottom of the corsage and making it longer to balance the weight of the upper and lower parts as much as possible to prevent rotation. Furthermore, the safety pin for attaching to clothing is placed above the center of gravity (the midpoint) to prevent it from turning upside down. Please wear it with confidence.
Design based on the main flower
The leading part is, of course, the child or student to whom a corsage is attached, but the corsage’s main feature is the main flower in the center. As suggested by the name of our company, FDK (Flower Design Korsage), the “flower” is the main flower, and the surrounding components such as leaves, tulle, and ribbons only gently add to the main flower. In other words, they play a supporting role. The coloring is not too flashy, and the calm colors suit various outfits and school grades. Corsages using compound colors, such as pastel colors, are also created with great care in their color schemes, and we also prepare corsages with artistic beauty that cannot be achieved with fresh flowers. Example: Corsage Pastel

For slim-type corsages, which may change direction laterally when worn, we tried to achieve both design and functionality. They are designed with a U-shape at the tip of the branch so it does not turn to the left or right but naturally faces the front. Example: Corsage Ruby Rose

*The “flowers” and “leaves” are squeezed small during delivery to prevent damage during shipping. When you receive the product, please spread them out by hand and shape them before use.
Low prices even for handmade products
Each of our two manufacturing factories in Japan handles specific products, starting with dyeing and cutting of fabrics and ending with final assembly. Fabric is cut and dyed in large quantities with large machines, and the process of combining them to create the final corsage is all handmade (manual work). This process is based on manufacturing data accumulated over many years, and we use just-in-time production to keep prices low.

We believe that each school and educational facility has a fixed annual budget. We work hard day and night to deliver to you within that limited budget.

Through a special contract with a shipping company, we can deliver throughout Japan at a reasonable rate, with a promise to coordinate with the company to avoid re-delivery. We will send you a “Shipment Completion E-mail” prior to shipment so you can confirm the arrival date and time in advance. You can also use “Order Status” for real-time checking of the current manufacturing status, planned delivery date, and shipping status of a corsage you have ordered, so you can wait with peace of mind until your order is delivered.

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