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Illuminate the world from under your feet. We will meet the needs of now and the future.

We are engaged in construction, food, fuel, and other community-based infrastructure projects. We manufacture ready-mixed concrete and cement, sell fuel, and are involved in the production of raw materials for rice products processing at a HACCP-certified and registered factory. We are also focusing on digital business, including the development of our own systems and AI systems for digitizing the size of rough stones.

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Business development closely related to local life
Construction-related business
The construction business consists of Construction Materials Department of YAMASA CO., LTD., which oversees the sales department, focusing on the sale of cement and other construction materials, and YAMASA MATERIAL K.K., MATSUMOTO NAMAKON K.K., and MATSUMOTO MATERIAL K.K., which are manufacturing and construction departments. Matsumoto Material K.K. also procures rough stones that are raw materials for the sand and gravel it manufactures. YAMASA MATERIAL K.K. manufactures and sells ready-mixed concrete, carries out construction work, and transports fuel and cement. In this way, we have built our own supply chain that procures raw materials, manufactures products, and carries out construction work. In addition, we strive to ensure a stable supply of cement as a distributor of Mitsubishi UBE Cement Corporation and TAIHEIYO CEMENT CORPORATION.
Food business
Food is the founding business of the YAMASA Group. We procure rice from producers in and around Nagano Prefecture, use it as raw materials for rice confectionery, alcoholic beverages, seasonings, etc., and wholesale it for supermarkets and business use, and manufacture and provide products according to the customer's application. The plant operates four lines to produce specified rice grains, which are used to make rice snacks, miso, and alcoholic beverages; staple rice, which is wholesaled to supermarkets and commercial customers; sakakoburui rice, which is used to make vinegar and bran for pickling; and sake rice, which is used to make sake, distilled sake, and amazake. In addition to meeting the diverse needs of our customers by constantly examining the selection of raw materials and brewing methods, we aim to further improve quality through initiatives such as "HACCP registered factory" certification and 5S.
Digital business
We are promoting DX through in-house production. Each business has various needs, and we can respond with a sense of speed from daily consultation to introduction development and tools. We quickly build a prototype, test it on site, and improve it immediately. Can we make the work in front of us digital? We will readily consider this question, discuss it, and make it concrete. The above cycle has increased literacy within the company and has also produced a variety of examples. As a non-IT SME, we would like to support the digitalization of our company as well as everyone in the community.

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