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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:07


RFID plus alpha: We provide new services that create added value for RFID

Contactless payment with transportation cards has become widespread, and in order to create new services to also use contactless in the field of services and in the field of security, we are acquiring intellectual property rights and working on development.

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Area detection sensors
Area alerts
Detection is performed with classification into people who possess tags and those who do not.
(1) Intrusion detection in areas that require management of people approaching, such as safes and medicine storage. If an unauthorized person enters without an unauthorized person, a warning/alarm can be issued.
(2) Control of access to a room when a manager is not present where an unauthorized person must not enter the room when the manager is not present used to require construction involving electric locks and access control, which was expensive. Area security and information leakage countermeasures, such as access by unauthorized persons to rooms for management and executives, which are treasure troves of information, can be implemented simply by installing area detection sensors.
*Unlike conventional tag detection, when a tag is not detected, the system prompts the user for a few seconds, provides a grace period for detection, and provides a presentation period instead of a single detection, so it is designed to accommodate individual differences in detection.
Loitering detection
This system can be used for loitering detection by making use of the ability to classify authorized persons who possess tags from unauthorized persons who do not.
Authorized persons: Staff members are given sticker tags on various kinds of cards, and even when they simply approach a sensor, a normal detection tone for an authorized person will sound.
Tenants: For people without a tag, by entering a sensor detection area as an unauthorized person not possessing a sensor tag of any kind, an alert tone for an unauthorized person will sound.