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Offering healthy lifestyles from around the world

We are engaged in planning and sales, wholesale sales, and product development, focusing on plant-based and organic products. We also provide import/export agency services for food products.
Rather than a temporary boom, we propose to make our customers' lives richer and more wonderful by introducing healthy lifestyles from overseas to the people of Japan through food. We import delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly products from overseas, or develop products domestically and export them overseas.

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Sales Pitch

"MEATLESS FUTURE" was born from the idea that plant-based meat alternatives should not be eaten only by a few vegans, or as a passing fad, or as a compromise, but rather as a proposal for a future of healthy eating that is tasty, hearty, healthy for the body and the planet, and sustainable living for those who can eat meat normally, and that such a concept should be conveyed from Japan to the rest of the world.

Product features
The groundbreaking hamburger patty is made from a completely plant-based meat substitute and does not contain any of the 28 specified ingredients except soybeans.
It looks and cooks the meat itself, uses defatted soybeans (non-GMO), is gluten-free, and is vegan-friendly.

Just like meat! Realistic texture created by our original manufacturing method
Our proprietary technology, developed through trial and error, produces a meat-like texture while suppressing the odor characteristic of soybeans.

Non-animal ingredients, allergy friendly *Excluding soybeans
This soy meat contains no animal ingredients. Since it does not contain any of the 28 specified ingredients for food allergies other than soy, it can be enjoyed with peace of mind by allergy sufferers.

High protein and low calorie
Soy meat is very healthy because it contains more protein and fewer calories than regular meat.

Loved by athletes and dieters
Soy meat contains far less cholesterol and fat than regular meat, and is also rich in protein and fiber. For this reason, it is also used in diet menus and athlete food.

Easy to cook, just grill it!
In the kitchen, vegan patties can be made easily and quickly by simply grilling them frozen in a pan or similar. (Cooking time is approximately 5 minutes) Serve in buns.
Ingredients: Processed soybeans, vegetable protein, vegetable oil, yeast extract, salt, starch syrup, onion extract, dextrose, sugar cane extract, seasoning, spice extract, coloring agent/thickener
Allergy information: Contains soy (does not contain gluten, animal meat, milk, or eggs)
Packing: 85g x 100/cs , 120g x 100/cs
Import/export agency services
NIKO TRADING offers a one-stop service for complex import/export procedures related to the Food Sanitation Act.

Six points
Point 1
Our network of experts in trading operations can handle small-lot transactions in detail, allowing you to procure overseas goods with confidence even if you do not have the knowledge or experience in trading.

Point 2
For those who wish to focus on their core trading activities, we can provide project-specific support and ongoing trade support according to your company's needs.

Point 3
By having us handle all of the complexities of trade-related practices, you can streamline your operations and improve your management efficiency.

Point 4
We provide total support for a series of operations, including on-site surveys, quotations, negotiations, contracts, product procurement, import/export customs clearance, storage, settlement, and product delivery arrangements.

Point 5
Our worldwide network allows us to deal directly with manufacturing plants, without agents or intermediaries, so you can enjoy the benefits of speed, reduced import duties, and lower prices.

Point 6
In addition to trade between China and Japan, we are also involved in trilateral trade between Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, and other Southeast Asian countries and third countries such as the United States and Australia through our company.

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