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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:10

Neobix K.K.

We build a prosperous life and future through beauty and health

We are a general beauty trading firm dealing in cosmetics, equipment, and fixtures. In our cosmetics business we wholesale purchased products and products under our brand developed in-house. Our main products are organic cosmetics for sensitive and dry skin and highly concentrated placenta cosmetics sold exclusively at salons. We are also involved in OEM of commercial products for major aesthetic salons and other customers. With the launch of a new brand in 2022, we are working with an eye on overseas expansion.

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Main products
Quadrifoglio: A domestic Japanese brand
Organic cosmetics for sensitive and dry skin. This is a made-in-Japan product. “Quadrifoglio” means “four-leaf clover” in Italian, and it is used by people with sensitive or dry skin (*1) who repeatedly suffer from flaky skin. We hope they will think they have finally found the skincare that suits them, as if they had found a four-leaf clover. This is a brand that incorporates such an idea.

World’s-first ingredient (*2)!
We developed a world’s-first ingredient (*2) consisting of rose placenta (damask rose placenta culture extract) and Ecocert-certified vegetable BG as a moisturizing ingredient. We aimed to provide 100% naturally derived organic skin care as a unique ingredient.
(*2) Investigation of suppliers (from February 2012, when raw materials began to be supplied, to August 2022)

Simple formulation item line
We keep your skin healthy by blending only the necessary amount of ingredients and pursuing comfort for delicate skin.

Thoroughly free of constraints
Does not contain silicone, ethanol, mineral oil, petroleum-derived ingredients, parabens, UV absorbers, ingredients derived from eggs, milk, wheat, buckwheat, peanuts, shrimp or crabs, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic colorants, synthetic fragrances, or preservatives.
*In addition, it is also free of other raw materials that are frequently asked about (*3): Asteraceae-derived raw materials, shea butter (*3) According to our own research

Tests carried out
Sensitive skin patch test (all items); allergy test (all items); stinking test (all items); infant (*4) test (natural Vaseline only)
*This does not mean that all people will not experience skin irritation or allergies
(*4) Suitable for babies from 1 month of age, but not including newborn babies
All items are certified as Ecocert COSMOS Natural
COSMOS Natural cosmetics certified by Ecocert Green Life. Complies with COSMOS standards, described at
All items have 100% naturally derived ingredients
Skin Spice: A domestic Japanese brand
Blemishes, dullness, dryness… When you start to notice signs of aging on your skin, you don’t want to hide them with makeup. You want to regain the skin beauty of 5 or 10 years ago, and make it even more beautiful. Skin Spice is a cosmetic product that can respond to skin concerns and wishes like these. We invite you to experience the luxurious comfort and power of this product, which contains a high concentration of the finest placenta and hyaluronic acid extracts. You will be able to experience glowing skin that you will want to show to others.
Clemens Organics: An overseas brand
Recommended for skin that is prone to dryness, and also for sensitive skin. These are cosmetics for the modern woman, resulting from the dedicated commitment of qualified phytotherapists and naturopaths focusing on supple skin conditioning. They are not just products with a nice fragrance and texture, but are designed to lead to healthy and glowing skin. They have spread by word of mouth, and have finally reached Japan.
We invite you to experience on your skin these luxurious and powerful skin care cosmetics that are as good as high-end cosmetics, not only moisturizing and toning the skin but also taking care of aging skin.
These are truly organic cosmetics, carefully selected from the ingredients.

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