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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:10

Rigid System Inc.

Comprehensive support for your system development

We provide system consignment development services. In system development for electromechanical systems and medical treatment equipment, industrial equipment, IoT devices, etc., we undertake everything from upstream design such as requirement analysis and requirement definition to actual circuit design, firmware design, cloud system design, and other development work, as well as comprehensive system testing.

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R&D consulting
We support you in system development. We can also assist with upstream design and architecture design for R&D, including project management and requirements definition for the development of electromechanical devices and communication systems.
Even if the details of the system you want to develop are vague, if you consult with us from that stage, we will carefully analyze the great variety of requirements for the system and incorporate them into the requirements needed for the system. From that point, we will be close to you to manage the project from system architecture design, detailed design, and hardware and software development to testing to achieve development of the system.
Consignment development
We undertake all of your system development work. Continuing from upstream design, we undertake the following FPGA HDL design, microcontroller firmware development, application software development, cloud system development, etc. We can also undertake only some of the modules, so please consult us.
Xilinx FPGA design and development (Verilog HDL/VHDL)
Application software development (Flutter-based Android/iPhone apps, Web apps, etc.)
Cloud system development (development of systems on Firebase/GCP and AWS that serve as the backend for the above applications)
IoT system development
For anything else, please consult us.
IoT system development
We support all aspects of IoT system development, from conceptual studies of the entire IoT system, including cloud systems, IoT devices, and data analysis, to design studies of sensor modules to be mounted on devices.
We have built an IoT platform using ElasticSearch and Kibana on the AWS cloud, so we can provide IoT devices that are connected and ready to use.
Buildable sensor modules include temperature, humidity, air pressure, CO2, various gases, acceleration, angular velocity, geomagnetic sensors (nine-axis sensors), GPS, vibration, pressure/load cells, sound/ultrasonic waves, distance measurement, optical illuminance, and many others.
Both wireless (WiFi, Bluetooth, LTE, IrDA, Zigbee, etc.) and wired (Ethernet, USB, CAN, etc.) communication functions are available.

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