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Latest update: 19/09/2023 12:38:07

Three One Design, Inc.

We are entrusted with integrated mechanical product development services from research institutes from design through to commissioning.

We conduct entrusted development of many mechanical products from research institutes, including prototypes, physicochemical equipment custom-made products, and factory automation equipment, from jigs and tools to automation equipment. Based on the technology and development know-how we have accumulated over many years, we carry out integrated production from design to manufacturing. Our Head Office is in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, where many research facilities are located.

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Sales Pitch

Contracted design and development from research institutes
Integrated production
We design and develop mechanical products under contract from research institutes. We listen to your requests, create specifications and drawings from scratch, and take on orders for integrated manufacturing from design to production.
Focus on design
Based on your specifications, we always aim to optimize the design while coordinating with you. We particularly excel at designing and manufacturing precision equipment, low to ultra-high vacuum equipment, biotech-based equipment, and industrial robots.
Technology and experience cultivated over many years
Our strength is that we can make use of the technology and experience we have accumulated over many years to respond to orders for even a single unit, even if it is a product that does not fit into the common sense of mechanical design. Our policy is to manufacture high-performance yet easy-to-use products. We will make optimal proposals based on our technological capabilities and teamwork.

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