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Latest update: 27/09/2023 10:38:10

Shiba Shoten K.K.

We are dedicated to making namafu in Kyoto, and have kept the traditional handmade method alive.

Kyo-namafu is handmade one by one, following traditional production methods. We use high-quality wheat protein and glutinous rice flour as ingredients, and have more than 30 varieties of namafu that other companies do not have. We sell "Sasamaki fu-manju," a Japanese confectionery, create dessert recipes and menus for namafu dishes, and develop easy-to-use cut namafu products.

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Business description and strengths
We manufacture and sell Kyo-namafu.
Each product is handmade with great care, following traditional production methods.
Namafu is said to have been used as an ingredient in vegetarian cooking at the end of the Kamakura period (1185-1333), and was a valuable source of protein for Zen monks, who were forbidden to eat meat.
Namafu dishes are also a healthy food with low calories and good digestion and absorption. The main ingredients are wheat protein and glutinous rice flour. The process is simple, but it contains invisible craftsmanship.
Preserving traditional flavors
The wheat protein (gluten) that is purchased is put back to a good firmness before use.
However, depending on the temperature and humidity of the day, the same method may be too firm or too soft.
Therefore, we have to change the way we put it back depending on the climate. It may sound exaggerated, but namafu is a living organism.
The factory continues to produce Kyo-namafu using a kettle that has been handed down from generation to generation, preserving the traditional handmade process.
"I feel that if you change the tools, even the taste changes (laughs). As makers who preserve the traditional taste, each and every one of our craftsmen takes pride in making Kyo-namafu. "
Cutting →  Kneading → Layering → Stretching → Tightening → Boiling

We have more than 30 varieties of namafu that no other company offers while maintaining tradition. The wheat protein and glutinous flour used as ingredients are of the highest quality, so you can taste real namafu.
Namafu sweets
Japanese sweets made from namafu are a Kyoto specialty.
The most famous is probably the namafu buns wrapped in bamboo. Fresh texture wrapped in the aroma of bamboo. Smooth and refined taste, different from ordinary mochi. This delicious taste is unique to Kyoto, where the water is delicious. Chewy yet silky and fresh. It has a delicious taste that purifies the body. One unexpected way to eat it is in dessert recipes. It can be served with kinako (roasted soybean flour), kuromitsu (brown sugar syrup), etc., or chilled with zenzai, anmitsu, parfait, or ice cream. Namau is a low-calorie, high protein food that even dieters can enjoy.

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