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Ihan inc.

The gentle life that tatami mats give us.

We manufacture and sell tatami mats and fusuma. We handle everything tatami-related including Kyotatami (Kyoto tatami mats), Yusoku tatami mats (for Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, etc.), rimless tatami mats, new tatami mats, mat replacement, and mat flipping. We handle everything fusuma-related including new fusuma, reupholstery, and lacing. We also do interior work and offer complete Japanese-style rooms. Founded in 1663, we have tradition and cultivated skills. We handle everything from tatami mats to the various aspects that make up Japanese-style rooms.

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Sales Pitch

Mat replacement: Refresh like new by replacing tatami mats
If the surface of the tatami is noticeably wavy and the floor (toko: the inner core of the tatami) is not damaged, the tatami can be rejuvenated by re-covering the surface.
Even tatami that has been carefully used for many years will change over the years. Faded tatami mats are also less effective in regulating humidity, purification, and thermal insulation, which are the advantages of tatami mats. At that very moment, the igusa gives off a slight aroma as proof that the tatami mat has fulfilled its function.
The fresh, youthful tatami mats restore the original functionality of tatami, and the fresh room with the scent of igusa gives the room a fresh life similar to remodeling.
New tatami: New tatami mats, including the entire tatami surface and floor, are made from the foundation up
New tatami fully demonstrates the original functions of tatami (humidity control, heat insulation, heat retention, and purification) and accompanies us in our daily lives throughout the four seasons.
If you are concerned about the discoloration and unevenness of the tatami, as well as bumps, crevices, and widening of the gaps between the tatami, you should consider redoing the entire tatami itself.
The tatami floor may have been damaged by deterioration due to aging, pests touching it, or excessive moisture.
The new tatami, which has regained its original functionality, will revive a flat, clean, and comfortable Japanese-style room, where bumps and crevices may have been noticeable.
Highest quality tatami: "One generation one sheet." The most distinctive feature of Kyotatami (Kyoto tatami mats) is its hand-finishing and its durability
In cultural facilities where there is a lot of foot traffic, wear and tear on tatami can be severe. Kyotatami has been devised to make tatami last as long as possible. What is the origin of such durability that it is said that one new tatami mat per generation is enough?
This ingenuity is applied to the long edge of the tatami, which is the most vulnerable part of the tatami. Cedar boards are sewn onto the underside of the edge to tighten and reinforce it. Each tatami is carefully tightened by hand, a process that requires a great deal of time and skill.

The next feature is the tatami mat surface. Ordinary tatami mats are not durable enough for cedar planks on the edge. Therefore, we use one of the following three types of tatami mat surfaces woven with Higo igusa, which is produced in Kumamoto Prefecture and said to be the best in Japan.
Hemp yarn surface
Hemp four-pronged core surface
Relayed tatami mat surface

And the core of the tatami mats is made of straw, which is produced in Higashi-Harima, Japan. We also have straw floors with even more careful innovations.
Shuro flooring: Shuro is sewn onto the back of the tatami floor to further enhance the insect repellent effect.
Tanba lined tatami mat floor: Tatami mat floor with straw flooring underneath.

Kyotatami that maximizes the quality of tatami
Tatami, made with the highest quality materials and construction methods, is not only resistant to damage, but also has the potential to fully demonstrate its purifying effects for a long time due to its excellent humidity control, heat retention, and heat insulation properties. It is also highly insect resistant and resistant to rubbing, so it can be kept clean and beautiful Japanese-style rooms can be maintained.
It will not look old and faded even after many years of use, and the years will add even more texture to the tatami, making it a valuable tatami that will be useful for many years to come.
We have long inherited this traditional Kyoto craftsmanship, and we produce this top-quality tatami to order.
New style tatami: For business, public spaces, and places with many elderly people and children
This new style of tatami is different from the usual material, in which the material of the tatami surface is Japanese paper. The special surface treatment makes it somewhat more water-resistant than regular igusa tatami, making it easier to care for. As a recent example, we have delivered non-slip tatami to a nursing care facility, and it has been well received.
A fusuma gives a large impression in relation to the wall area of a room.
Replacing faded fusuma gives the room a brighter, cleaner look.
Also, by changing the pattern of the fusuma, the effect is a bit like remodeling.
Further image changes are possible by changing the pulls and edges.
We offer a total solution for Japanese-style rooms.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with your fusuma.

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