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Latest update: 10/08/2023 11:46:37

IREX Solution LLC

Supporting every industry with specialized solutions

Specializing in the measurement and explosion-proof fields of industry, we sell one-of-a-kind products overseas and provide solution support for user issues.
Our main products include measuring equipment such as explosion-proof radiation thermometers, heat-resistant radiation thermometers, various other radiation thermometers, displacement meters, etc., as well as explosion-proof products, such as industrial explosion-proof tablets, explosion-proof smartphones, explosion-proof cases (no certification renewal required), and explosion-proof data wireless devices.

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Sales Pitch

We do our best to solve all industrial issues by developing one-of-a-kind industrial measurement products and explosion-proof product solutions.
IREX Solutions
IR: Industrial radiation temperature measurement and displacement measurement field
EX: IoT solution field in the explosion-proof area
We are expert advisors in the IR and EX fields to industrial equipment owners. We will take on difficult challenges utilizing our many years of experience and knowledge in the IR and EX fields.
One-of-a-kind products
Overseas manufacturers with many markets have excellent industrial products using advanced technologies that are not available in Japan.
We are taking on the challenge of solving problems by deploying these excellent overseas industrial radiation thermometers, displacement meters, and explosion-proof products in Japan.

Products handled
Usable up to 180° C in explosion-proof atmosphere. A heat-resistant explosion-proof radiation temperature sensor.
Usable up to 180°C in a drying furnace. A compact heat-resistant radiation temperature sensor.
Resistant to adverse environments, with high precision. An industrial measurement product. Displacement meter and eddy-current sensors.
QR barcode scanner standard equipment Industrial explosion-proof tablet
Equipped with a thermo scanner as standard. An industrial explosion-proof smartphone.
Has Japanese explosion-proof certification. ALL product storage explosion-proof case.
Wireless data transmission explosion-proof BOX
Solution Services
At IREX Solution, we provide products to our customers, and in order to solve problems which is our purpose, we support the creation of proposal materials, demonstration evaluation, etc.
Solution Report
Radiation temperature measurement of metal rolls
High temperature environment radiation thermometer, etc.
Explosion-proof radiation thermometer
Heat-resistant explosion-proof radiation thermometer
Explosion-proof wireless barcode scanner
Industrial explosion-proof tablets
I/O transmission: Explosion-proof wireless equipment
ALL product storage explosion-proof case