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We contribute to the safety and environmental performance of automobiles around the world.

We manufacture brake parts and engine parts for automobiles. Our integrated system for aluminum products is one of the few in the world, and almost 100% of the drum brakes used in Toyota vehicles are made from KUROTA brake pistons. Our products are also used for brake parts and engine parts in automobiles of major American and European manufacturers.

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Product overview
Brake parts
Lightweight and rust-free, number one technology in Japan
When you step on the brake, the piston moves and the car stops. KUROTA manufactures the pistons (wheel cylinder pistons and master cylinder pistons). Our main product, brake pistons, have an overwhelming reputation not only in Japan but also among overseas manufacturers.

Piston wheel cylinder
Used in the rear brakes of small passenger and commercial vehicles.
Our pistons are used in almost 100% of Toyota's drum brakes.

Piston master cylinder
Piston of the master cylinder that generates hydraulic pressure to actuate the brake. When the hood is opened, it is mounted in front of the driver's seat.
Engine parts, etc.
High machining accuracy improves power and fuel economy
Together with brake parts, such as engine parts (oil pump shafts, relief valves, and OCVs), we are involved in manufacturing the most important parts that support automobiles with high safety and environmental performance.

Shaft oil pump
Rotating shaft of the pump for circulating engine oil. It rotates in direct connection with the engine rotation. It is generally mounted on the front of the engine.

VVT oil control valve parts
Hydraulic valves to operate a device (VVT) that improves power and fuel economy by meticulously controlling the opening and closing timing of the intake and exhaust valves according to engine speed and load.

Valves, oil pumps, relief
When the engine speed is low, this valve closes to circulate oil without waste, and when the engine speed increases and the discharge pressure increases, this valve operates to keep the discharge pressure constant.

Abundant variations for various car models
Piston, clutch, release cylinder
Piston in the cylinder that separates the clutch plate from the engine and breaks the rotation of the engine when the clutch pedal is depressed in a manual transmission vehicle.
Unique development products
"Rakuraku Wrench Cover," "Torque Practice Machine," "Flag Torque Wrench," etc.
Products are being developed to help reduce defect rates in manufacturing. They will be sold sequentially.
Business description and strengths
KUROTA SEIKI-SEISAKUSHO (KUROTA) has been in business for 98 years and has developed together with the Japanese automobile industry.
We are recognized by a major domestic auto parts manufacturer for our aluminum product technology, and we have been doing business with them for 77 years. KUROTA boasts one of the few integrated systems for aluminum products in the world, and our technology is sought after by automotive parts manufacturers around the world.
KUROTA brake pistons are used in almost 100% of the drum brakes in Toyota vehicles today. Our products are used not only by domestic automakers other than Toyota, but also by major American and European automakers, Porsche and Maserati.
We offer the same quality as in Japan, not only in Japan, but also in our factories in Thailand and Mexico.
We also use our experience to develop original products that make manufacturing more enjoyable.
We are creating a new "KUROTA Brand" that supports manufacturing around the world.

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