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Latest update: 10/08/2023 11:46:40

Maruwa Knit Co., Ltd.

World-class Circular Knitting Technology With Made-in-Japan Quality

Our company produces circular knit fabrics using materials such as SOLOTEX and cashmere with our unique knitting machine technology and development capabilities. Since we have a wide range of circular knitting machines, we can produce most types of circular knitted fabrics. Our apparel brand, “Bebrain,” utilizes an independently developed Balancircular to create the world’s only product with high-quality tailoring and comfortable wear. We are always striving to develop new materials and clothing.

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Business description and strengths
In 1934, our company was founded in Wakayama, a production center of circular knitting, as a manufacturer specializing in knitwear. Since then, our company has been working on knitted fabrics for underwear, cut and sewn fabrics for mass-market clothing, and industrial materials such as car seats, and we have been improving our technology ever since. After the 2000s, when domestic production was offshored to other Asian countries, the company gradually changed its internal structure to enable small-lot production and enhanced technological capabilities by producing value-added knitted fabrics, such as computerized patterned knitted fabrics on a made-to-order basis and knitting technically difficult linens.  Among them, Balancircular®, a knitted fabric made by modified and improved second-hand knitting machines, is our proprietary knitting technology that simultaneously knits warp yarns into knit fabrics. It has been highly evaluated by department store apparel and specialty boutiques in Japan, as well as by famous brands overseas.
In recent years, we have also been operating our own apparel brand, Bebrain®, which uses only Balancircular® knitted fabrics.
Unique Fabric, Balancircular®
Balancircular® has a unique “knit x knit” configuration, in which warp yarns are knitted into the circular knit at the same time, keeping the knit that stretches too much horizontally to a moderate stretch. At first glance, it combines the firmness and appearance of a woven fabric with the elasticity, lightweight, and breathability of a knit. It  also offers a beautiful silhouette when made into an apparel product. Also, thanks to its structure, the fabric is fray-resistant and can be used immediately after cutting off without sewing the hem, and the edges of the fabric are unlikely to curl up. Apparel products made of this fabric have been praised for being lightweight, easy to move in, and beautiful in silhouette.
Factory brand, Bebrain®
Bebrain® refers to jacket and pant sets made of Balancircular® and are designed to be washed at home. Since the textile is knit, these sets are wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and easy to move in but still look neat. They are popular for their ease of care and comfort and are worn as substitutes for suits.

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