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Latest update: 10/08/2023 11:46:41

Xtreme-D Inc.

Providing a Supercomputer-Level High-Speed Server Environment for Those Starting Small

AXXE-L Cloud is a high-speed computing platform service that eliminates disparities in computing environment and is easy to use for everyone. Users can access the service via a browser without going to the office through a secure connection. In addition, the service also supports MFA (multi-factor authentication), making it ideal for enterprise applications and offering users a single sign-on to key functions. 

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Features of AXXE-L Cloud
A high-speed computing environment is available via a web browser anytime, anywhere. It can be used flexibly in offices, schools, and other remote work environments. The connection is secure as all the interfaces are unified as “https.”
In addition, the service supports MFA (multi-factor authentication) and can be safely used for enterprise applications as well. Users can access the key functions (e.g., data management, operation management, user interface, remote desktop, JypyterLab) with a single sign-on.
Using AXXE-L Cloud
You can start using the service at no initial cost.
Monthly and annual subscriptions (fixed amounts) include the right to use bare metal (physical servers, not virtual machines) HPC systems that we operate and manage.
The CPUs are capable of computing from one core up to 1000-core level, making the service suitable for both light and heavy users.
The standard plan offers CPUs as a shared environment (Shared Plan). CPUs can also be provided with the desired number of cores for users wanting to use the service as an exclusive environment (Exclusive Plan). The Exclusive Plan includes data storage and access to a high-speed file system, with everything you need to start using the service already there.
In addition, this HPC system is housed in a data center that is one of the world’s most stable and secure, offering peace of mind for users.
Powered by JupyterLab
JupyterLab, which is used by engineers and data analysts on a daily basis, is adopted as the user interface. You can use the HPC system with tools you are familiar with. Our unique job launcher function (optional) makes it possible to build your own GUI-like application execution environment. It is provided as a managed environment and can be started at the touch of a button from the AXXE-L sign-in environment.