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Latest update: 10/08/2023 11:46:36

Nakagawa Seiki Co., Ltd.

With our technology specializing in machining special materials, hard-to-grind materials, and high-precision work, we will certainly be helpful.

We can machine tungsten, molybdenum, Inconel, and other special materials.  In lathing, we have expertise high enough to handle the fine machining of materials from 1,000 mm dia to 50 micrometers. We also take orders from researchers and customers from abroad. 

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Features, technology
Processing of special materials and hard-to-machine items
We can process molybdenum, tungsten, Hastelloy, tantalum, and other special materials along with materials with a wide range of sizes, large and small. 
Besides machining with state-of-the-art equipment, we are also good at machining using general-purpose machines that require the five senses and fine-tuning.
Technology strength
Equipped with both traditional general-purpose machines and the latest equipment, along with the five senses, fine tuning, and other techniques and know-how that only human beings are capable of, we can finish products with even higher perfection than other products that you see elsewhere.
With all processing completed in-house, we have enough expertise and responsiveness to corporate developments and prototypes and diverse challenges presented by scientific and technological researchers. 
In response to requests turned down by other suppliers after showing them the design drawings, and to production requests for which no drawings were available and the customer brought in past actual products, our craftsmanship has made it possible for us to create products exactly as our customers envisioned. First, please feel free to contact us.

[Meeting these needs]
(1) What you have in mind is hard to process and rejected everywhere. 
(2) No other manufacturer can achieve accuracies that you require.
(3) You have designed something new, but when you show your drawings, they decline.
(4) You can’t find a supplier who can process special materials.