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Latest update: 29/08/2023 10:32:20

K.K. a general studio

Growing Japan as a whole with the penetration of the latest digital marketing

We provide comprehensive support covering all sales channels and all business phases, including electronic commerce site planning, electronic commerce site construction, customer attraction, and operational support. We offer a wide range of services, from mall-based electronic commerce such as Rakuten, Amazon, and Yahoo Shopping to in-house electronic commerce using Shopify. We provide long-term growth support by proposing appropriate customer attraction methods such as SEO, advertising, and social media management.

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Electronic commerce and D2C (direct-to-consumer) operation consulting services
Creation of online store growth scenarios
We work side-by-side with businesses that are starting e-commerce to plan and draft how to create profitable e-commerce and how many yen it will generate.
Service packages
Business analysis
To begin with, we analyze whether your business is profitable and how far it can grow. It is important to note that e-commerce is different from a regular store business because of its characteristic costs.		
System implementation plan
We will create a plan for the systems you will need to operate your online store and create a roadmap up to annual maintenance costs and implementation.
Personnel recruitment plan
We plan the personnel needed for e-commerce operations. Calculations will include outsourced operations and business process outsourcing (BPO).		
Market analysis
We will examine the competition and user trends for each platform and research what position your business should choose.
Preparation of an annual investment plan
We will help you plan how much you should invest and how many years it will take to recoup the investment, and help you make a decision about whether your company should open an e-commerce store.		
Preparation of multiple growth scenarios
It is difficult to predict everything that will happen in an online business, so we create several scenarios to thoroughly minimize the risks of the investment.
Solutions other than e-commerce
Depending on the situation, e-commerce is not always the right answer. In such a situation, we will create a plan that includes a real-life business, such as OMO (online merges with offline), and Web-based customer attraction.
Store opening operations agency services
We will provide a wide range of support for your concerns from the aspect of expanding your sales in the future, such as opening a new store on Rakuten or Amazon, building the company’s own e-commerce, and so on.
Service packages
Product data formatting
We check the product data to make sure it is in the proper form for the e-commerce/mall you want to submit to, and correct it to the proper form.		
Submission of various data
We will organize the image data, prices, store information, and other necessary information for each platform on which you will open a store and submit it as your agent.
Registration procedures for opening a store
We take care of the troublesome contract procedures and document submission as your agent, which reduces the time and effort required for your company to research and prepare documents.		
Making creatives
We will propose the creatives the platform requires and make photos and images to match your company’s products.
Search engine optimization measures
In addition to Google search measures on your company’s own website, we will also make product pages for free search and inflow of customers within Rakuten and Amazon.	
Page design
When a customer visits a page, we design the page to convey the appeal of your product and increase the purchase conversion rate.
Page coding
We will reproduce the page design you request according to the characteristics of each platform.
Building online stores
We support long-term growth by proposing appropriate customer attraction methods such as SEO, advertising, and social media operation to customers operating e-commerce.
Service packages
Customer attraction situation diagnosis
We will diagnose how your online store is attracting customers and create an optimal strategy for customer attraction.		
Advertisement setup and operation
We support Web advertising from initial setup to large-scale operation. If you have no experience with these operations in-house, you can leave everything to us.
Website improvement
When the purchase rate of customers visiting a site is low, we use AB testing and other techniques to improve leads and first views.		
Social media operation
We will select media and build an operational flow to suit your business. We can also support you if you do not have enough operational staff in-house, so please consult us.
Search engine optimization measures
We handle SEO not just for Google but for Amazon and Rakuten, too. If you want to attract customers for a long time, we encourage you to use this service as a long-term investment.		
Access analysis settings
We can set up Google Analytics, and also Facebook Pixel and Amazon management screen analysis. This provides a more sophisticated visualization of the flow of a site that was not previously visible.
Monthly reports
We will provide you with monthly reports on the status of your company’s business. We can respond to your request if you prefer weekly reporting, so please ask about the frequency of reporting.
Making store operation efficient
We analyze customer service and logistics operations related to e-commerce operations and transform them into a profitable structure through business process outsourcing (BPO) and system implementation.
Service packages
Operating structure and cost analysis
We will measure how much time is spent by what kind of personnel in your company’s online store operations, and provide an estimate of work that can be reduced and the cost compression effects.		
System environment analysis
We analyze the system configuration of your online store to see if there are any extensible functions or APIs that can be added.
Call center contracting agency services
We will carefully examine the call center that will be best suited to your business in terms of size and response content, and handle online store manual creation and onboarding as your agent.		
Logistics warehouse contracting agency services
We will find a warehouse with an optimal location and lead time for your business and build a logistics scheme for you.
Support for backyard system introduction
We will select a backyard system that can contribute to your business and introduce it without changing your current e-commerce operations as much as possible.		
System use promotion
We create manuals so the system that is introduced can actually be used on-site, and provide long-term support for efficient online store operation.
Monthly reports
We will provide you with monthly reports on the status of your company’s business. We can respond to your request if you prefer weekly reporting, so please ask about the frequency of reporting.
Data marketing introduction
We will create an environment that makes it possible to acquire e-commerce data, and create an environment and organization that make it possible to understand what issues exist and what can be done next.
Service packages
Business structure analysis
To begin with, we will analyze the structure of your business, considering which figures to measure to make the business visible.		
KPI measurement
We will gather all the data, including data that is not currently available, to understand what KPIs (key performance indicators) are important for increasing sales at your e-commerce site.
Tag installation
We will install appropriate tags and set them so the KPI figures can be obtained continuously and the status of the business can be seen at any time.		
Customer attribute classification
We visualize the user data necessary to grow your business by breaking it down according to various factors such as age and gender, as well as the inflow route.
Long-term analysis
Users are categorized by inflow routes, exit points, number of visits, etc., to visualize what kind of customers have been purchasing over a long period of time.	
Business situation classification
We will not just treat the measured data as mere numerical values, but will also verbalize what the situation is and what needs to be done next in what circumstances according to each product and business type.
Creating automated reporting functions
We will provide you with reporting functions that you can use long after your contract with us is over so you can continue to use the data analysis.