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Latest update: 29/08/2023 10:32:22


We deliver video with love!

We provide company PR, recruitment and promotional videos, social media marketing consulting, filming, promotional video production and live streaming, dispatching entertainers and technical staff, etc. In addition to video production, we also handle sales channel expansion, customer attraction, recruitment concerns, coaching for in-house video production, and other services. We have an extensive track record in live streaming of concerts, musicals, and other stage performances in 4K, live viewing streaming to other halls, and conference management that connects multiple locations, such as large halls and conference rooms. We provide services using equipment and know-how that are appropriate for the current era.

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Business description
Video production services
Today, the use of video as a medium has become commonplace for promotions, from advertising products and services to job offers and company brochures.
Although there are more and more services that let you create a video inexpensively using AI and templates, it’s not that easy to create a video just the way you want it.
Also, even if you have taken the trouble to create a video, it will be meaningless if it doesn’t reach the people you want to see it.
Based on our proven technology and extensive track record, we produce videos that are useful to someone, videos that move the heart, videos that save someone, videos that connect someone with someone, and videos that are easy to understand and convey. We propose public relations strategies that make full use of these videos.
Services other than video production
Social media marketing consulting
We help you reach the people you want to see your video by making use of social media and Web advertising!

Music video production, stage shooting, and live streaming
We will propose a plan that matches your budget and scale!

Dispatching entertainers and technical staff
We can dispatch actors, entertainers, and technical staff for filming and distribution, as well as coaches for insourcing your videos!