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Any issues with that product? Leave it to us.

Mainly by prototyping circuit boards and implementing them on mass-produced products, we handle everything from the assembly of equipment and other semi-finished products to the production of finished products.
With an integrated production system for all processes from development to manufacturing, we quickly deliver prototyping services as well, called “mounting TOP delivery” to the great satisfaction of our customers.
We can also propose manufacturing projects at overseas bases if necessary.

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Sales Pitch

From design and prototyping to after-sales service, all technology is for quality.
With technology cultivated for over five decades, we respond to future growth areas.
[Development and manufacture of healthcare equipment]
At Sekiaoi Techno, we have been certified under ISO13485 and licensed to manufacture healthcare equipment to allow healthcare equipment manufacturers to commission their work to us with confidence.  Any issues with ODM and EMS for healthcare equipment? Leave it to Sekiaoi Techno.

[Development and manufacturing for the infrastructure industry]
We at Sekiaoi Techno develop, manufacture, maintain, and repair equipment for the elevator, water, gas, electricity, UPS, and other infrastructure industries. Committed also to developing and manufacturing maintenance tools, we supply products designed to save labor, maintain functionality, digitize safety information, and to pursue other characteristics in maintenance tools in the respective industries. 
Our previous developments
Non-destructive inspection equipment
Circuit boards for elevators
Alternative design with which to do away with electronics maintenance

Our previous manufacturing
Circuit boards for water meters and flow meters
Circuit boards and units for elevators in general
Circuit boards for UPS
Repairs and retrofitting

Previous development and manufacturing of maintenance tools
Non-destructive inspection equipment
Maintenance tools for various industries
Labor saving / Functional maintenance / Safety
Databasing-oriented productization
Considering having your circuit boards mounted and prototyped at short notice? Leave it to us with mounting TOP delivery.
Mounting TOP delivery is a service for providing artwork, arranging parts and circuit boards, and mounting circuit boards for developers and procurers who want to produce prototype boards in a hurry. We can handle everything from artwork to circuit board mounting in 10 days of operation at the quickest.

[Mounting TOP delivery meets your diverse needs.]
You want to get it done as soon as possible, anyway. 
You want to leave it to a company that can handle sudden changes in specification. 
You want to ask someone to arrange parts as well.
You are looking for a potential outsourcee that you would want to consult about special circuit boards and mounting.  
You want someone to take on low-volume prototypes. 
You want to proceed smoothly to post-prototyping mass production.

[Why customers choose our mounting TOP delivery] 
You can consult our designers and shop-floor personnel directly.
High-quality and speedy mounting
Integrated service from parts procurement to mounting
We can handle special parts as well.
Smooth transition to mass production
A production system abroad at the same level as in Japan
Seki Aoi Techno has production networks in China and Malaysia with the same qualities as of those made in Japan.

[Wuxi Plant, China]
Located about two hours from Shanghai, Wuxi is an economic development zone where not only Seki Aoi Techno but various Japanese and American companies as well have their factories. This makes the town easy to lure talented, experienced engineers, leading to high-quality factory operations.

[Malacca Plant, Malaysia]
We are a corporate member of the Smart Industrial Center Malacca (SIC Malacca), a corporate network of manufacturers and other entities from around the world to improve production efficiency in the state of Malacca, Malaysia. Into our factory, we have the latest equipment and know-how, save operator labor in the SMT process, automatically insert lead parts in the DIP process, robotize assembly work, reduce carrier equipment by means of a nozzle-trace fluxer and selective soldering equipment, and do other work, all these operations in full automation, together with an integrated labor-saving line.