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Latest update: 09/06/2023 10:29:26

Chugoku Densetsu Kogyo K.K.Co., Ltd.

Telephone, network, camera, and broadcasting construction support and service professionals

We swiftly and sincerely implement comprehensive proposals and provision of communication (voice, image, data), collaboration, and security measures and tools. The quality of our construction and technology has been highly evaluated.


Sales Pitch

Audio and telephone equipment for offices and facilities
Hybrid service: Fusion of equipment installation type and cloud service type
1) 	Communication is possible regardless of location, not only on landline devices, but also on PCs and mobiles.

2)	It is equipped with collaboration tools necessary for future work styles such as voice communication, chat, web conferencing, and file sharing.

3)	The installed PBX side is equipped with a battery, so BCP measures can be taken to respond to power outages in the event of a disaster, granting peace of mind and ensuring call quality.

Necessity to rebuild the communication environment required in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and work style reform
If only some people are working from home on PCs (extension calls are not possible), or in the future, if there is an increasing demand to create an environment where office staff and sales staff can work from home, and to realize a work style that allows them to continue working in various situations such as when they are engaged in childcare and nursing care, it is a perfect communication tool for such needs.

  → Can contribute to measures to improve employee satisfaction by providing a diverse work environment that allows employees to work from home (remote work), without limiting office attendance.

⇒ For the corporate work environment, it can contribute to attracting young people (human resources) who want a variety of work styles by appealing the fact that it is possible to work from home (remote work).

  → The company/department representative call system, which is standard in Japanese offices, can be used even when working from home, so daily customs (operations) can be preserved.

   (Can migrate to a new work style without changing the operation of telephones done so far)
  → Even without a company mobile phone, it is possible to answer calls using various tools such as PCs and personal smartphones.
   (Use existing devices without new contracts for company smartphones)
Face recognition service for offices, condominiums, nursery schools, nursing homes, etc.
Face recognition provided by a cloud service, not a server-based service
Issues and Measures
Various contactless keys, biometric authentication (fingerprint, veins, iris, etc.) systems, and payment systems have been developed and have become convenient, but systems and applications differ and registration is required for each service.

 It is also difficult to manage IDs and passwords, and there is a risk of loss of physical keys, cards, smartphones, etc., as well as spoofing.

⇒ When you introduce the face authentication system FreeiD
By realizing keys for offices and condominiums, and various payment functions for stores, etc. with a single face authentication information, it is possible to combine disparate data into one, and realize smooth access management and visitor management, realizing smart and convenient ways of working and living.

It is no longer necessary to have physical employee cards and ID cards that were at risk of being lost, nor have visitor reception that required troublesome procedures.

In condominiums, face recognition can be used to open and close the entrance door, call the elevator, specify the floor, and receive parcels and mail.

Unregistered guests, relatives, and acquaintances can enter rooms smoothly with the key lending function One Time.

There is no need to take out your smartphone and open an app or or search for your card in your wallet every time you pay at a store, as you can pay for shopping smartly, empty-handed, using only face information.

Cashless, cardless, ticketless, commuter pass-less.

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