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Latest update: 29/08/2023 13:19:15

HS Works

How about boosting your credibility with a cool modern website?

Our company produces websites that function smoothly even on today’s smartphones, with accurate lead-in promotions that don’t get lost.
We don’t stop with site creation, but propose ways to attract visitors that match the industry category even after the site is opened to the public!

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Sales Pitch

Would you like to review your website?
1. Basic plan (custom website)
For new or renewed sites, we can make an optimal proposal for any industry category!
We will create a site optimized for smartphones, with a structure that is aware of lead lines that do not get lost, and a cool, modern site that can be viewed quickly and without stress!

Your site is outdated and not optimized for smartphones
These days, sites that are not optimized for smartphones will not get any views. It’s the same for sites with an appearance that looks old, and sites that are slow to display.
Without improving this area first, there will be no point in posting job offers and advertisements.

Is it good to create a recruitment website or something like that?
Currently, you can build quite a bit for free with a service like AirWork.
However, you can’t do things like embed code to obtain various kinds of access status, which is called analytics, and the lack of analysis is fatal if you want to link it to advertising. (But it’s free, so you can’t complain. )
And a recruiting site is not just a job listing page with an itemized list of qualifications.
It’s important to create everything from the perspective of the job seeker, including the atmosphere of the workplace, comments from senior staff, stories of satisfaction, acquired skills and skill development, and so on.
And there’s more. We also create detailed application forms that match the occupational category.
Above all, you can expect significant cost reductions by securing personnel through a unique job site without an agent company taking a commission as an intermediary.

We also make suggestions after a site goes live!
Making a site is not the end of the process. After a site goes live, we also offer suitable suggestions from among various methods to attract visitors that match the industry category.
We offer SEO and MEO (SEO when using Google Maps), and social media marketing and advertising agency services.

Please feel free to contact us.
2. Support plans for starting or opening a business!
We offer optimal websites for private stores, medical practitioners, and professional businesses!
With a good, modern look, and easy to use on a smartphone! Even for BtoB, we provide reasonably priced services for a proper website you can be proud of (this is important)!

Do you think like this?
 I don’t have the budget to spend on a website!
 I can ask someone I know for a discount and it’ll be fine!
 A free website that I can make myself is good enough!

But! A website still needs to be done right.
 The impression made by a website is especially important when doing business for the first time with a client, bank, etc.
 The same is true if you are distributing a product or if you are looking for recruits: people will definitely seek out and visit your website.
 It can be counterproductive if it can’t be seen properly on a smartphone.

Basic specifications
1. Home page
2. Main pages
3. Subpages
4. Frequently asked questions or customer comments
5. Company overview
6. A blog you can also use for notifications
7. Inquiries
8. Privacy policy
*If only this were enough! This is a basic configuration.
*If there are additional changes, we will provide a separate estimate.

We also don’t compromise on quality!
Our company has reduced costs while maintaining quality with a dedicated format that’s perfect for startups.
You can make blog posts, notifications, and other announcements by yourself, so there are no operating costs after going live.
Feel free to contact us. We’re waiting to hear from you!
3. Subscription websites for owners of multiple stores
Proposals for subscription websites for owners developing a chain!
Although multiple simultaneous installations are required, we are introducing a service that allows you to use a cool, modern website that is fast even on smartphones, for a fixed monthly fee.

Let us take care of the troublesome procedures!
 The initial cost is ¥0!
 All monthly operating costs are also included!
 You can have a cool, modern website for a flat monthly fee (please ask for the price, because it’s exceptional)!

Recommended for companies like these!
 You can’t afford to spend hundreds of thousands to create websites for X number of stores.
 But you want a proper external website.
 You want to enhance your brand power with the same design quality.
The production cost of a store’s website also increases as the number of stores increases.
In addition, there are usually separate monthly operating costs for website production, but this service is a fixed monthly fee service that includes the operating costs.
When considered as a running cost, it is much more economical than hiring full-time Web staff, for example.
We recommend this service because it provides consistency with the same design and enhances brand power.

Basic specifications
*Equivalent to our support package for starting or opening a business.

We also don’t compromise on quality!
After all, a website is being seen. First impressions are especially important in doing business!
Unlike something created with a free website, we will provide you with a rich, fully customized WordPress website.
We look forward to your consideration!