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Latest update: 29/08/2023 10:32:22

Minori Limited

We support operations in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, and China

We provide optimal quality by making use of our high level of expertise honed through extensive experience. We make the best use of our international information network, including affiliated companies, to offer the best, latest, and most competitive prices. We provide what you need (products, technology, human resources) when you need it and where you need it.


Sales Pitch

Business overview
We provide guidance on materials technologies and production technologies.
Raw materials and materials: Supplying various raw materials, iron and steel and nonferrous materials, recycled resin materials, building components, etc.
Parts and products: Manufacturing and sales of parts and products related to electrical equipment, transportation equipment, and IT communications equipment, by partner factories
Molds and equipment: Design, manufacturing, and installation of various molds and equipment, and sales of used equipment by partner factories
Goods and foods: Sales of children’s goods, daily necessities, luxury grocery items, agricultural products, marine products, etc.
Logistics and storage: Business support in Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, and China *Partner companies in China and South Korea
We have group companies in Taiwan and Vietnam, and we conduct overseas procurement of industrial parts, sewn products, etc.
Research: Research on market trends, technology trends, etc., and market development and customer introductions
Planning: Various planning and recruitment services
Management: Factory management, support for business negotiations and orders, support for procurement

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