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Enserve Company Limited

Supply Chain Solutions for Metals

Enserve is a Tokyo-based specialized metal vendor with knowledge and expertise in both metals and manufacturing. We help you establish tailor-made supply chain solutions based on your needs to ensure stable supply, cost reduction, or quality improvement.

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Special steel, stainless steel and copper alloy materials and components
Business description and strengths
We can resolve any problems related to the procurement of secondary products for special steel, stainless steel, and alloys. Enserve Company Limited is a trading company in Tokyo that specializes in semi-finished metal products (special steel, stainless steel, copper alloy coils, strips, bars, and deformed wire shapes) and marine oil field materials. We help customers with procurement by building custom-made supply chains in countries around the world based on the individual needs of the customer.
Overview and application examples of major products, technologies, goods, and services
Steel products and copper alloys have their respective strengths.

Special steel
Our strength lies in the steel grades (special steel and stainless steel) used in cutting.
In addition to the above, we can supply hard-to-obtain steel grades. Our steel mill procures from Asian and European countries from the viewpoint of QCD (quality, cost, delivery). JIS certification is also available for some steel types.

Copper alloy
We can propose copper alloys for use in special applications such as beryllium copper, zirconium copper, and chromium copper.
We handle AS9100 certified copper alloy types, shapes, and dimensions of copper alloys that are difficult to obtain. Because of the high quality of our metal, we have supplied leading companies of various industries in Europe and the United States. Another strong point we have is in price competitiveness and short delivery times.

Medical Steel Products
We would be happy to offer tailor made medical tools (scissors, forceps etc.) or medical wires (Braided, Straighten, Torque Wire, Torque Coils) for catheter or similar applications. 

Marine Petroleum Products
We have 50 years of procurement experiences on Marine Petroleum projects. worked on projects in Niger, Saudia Arabia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Kuwait.
As we understand well both Metal and Marine Petroleum, we will be happy to serve for you with the following services.
Track record of doing business and development with overseas companies
We mainly export to overseas companies, and we do business with listed companies in countries that are not well known, for example in South Asia and the Middle East.


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Other presentation

We offer special steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, and offshore filed (marine petroleum) materials.

Besides, we are able to offer you Japanese-quality medical steel instruments and wire products.

[Special steel and stainless steel]
Since its foundation, Enserve has been dealing in special steels and stainless steels that are difficult to find in your region. Enserve is a unique source of consultation for various manufacturing industries based on the following four advantages.
-Excellent QCD balance
-Flexible and rapid supply chain capability
-Strong collaboration capabilities.

[Copper alloys]
Enserve offers AS9100-certified copper alloys whose types/shapes/dimensions are difficult to find. Our copper alloys have been supplied to many leading Japanese, European and American companies in various industries based on the following four advantages.
-High quality
-High price competitiveness
-Short delivery lead times

[Medical steel instruments]
If you are looking for an OEM or ODM partner for medical steel instruments (scissors, forceps, etc.) made in Japan, our team with various expertise and strengths will make a proposal tailored to your QCD requirements.

[Offshore Field]
We have 50 years of experience in procurement projects for offshore oilfield projects, and we have a unique product range of metal x offshore oilfield, such as steel pipes and ATON (Aids to Navigation) materials used in offshore fields.

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