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Latest update: 31/05/2023 12:08:16

SIRC Co., Ltd.

The "world's first" electric power sensor unit that can identify electric power in 15 seconds

One-touch installation, construction-free, and non-contact measurement of active power. Contributing to decarbonized DX in factories and plants.


Sales Pitch

SIRC IoT Power Sensor Unit
Product Features
Adopts open/close sensor head
Coreless, lightweight and compact
Non-contact measurement of active power
Just clamp to two wires, no electrical work required.
One-touch sensor installation completed in 15 seconds!

*AC 3-phase 3-wire for industrial use
Understanding Power Consumption
Many companies, for example factories, are aware of their overall power consumption. However, few companies are able to understand the breakdown of this information, and our sensor unit will clarify this.
This product is a factor in understanding power consumption, which is essential to achieving carbon neutrality.
This is the world's first power sensor that can measure three-phase power by simply mounting two sensor heads (probes). *From our own research (as of June 2022)

Therefore, it can be clamped to two wires without any installation work, and it achieves non-contact power factor detection and measures actual active power.

We are responding to the important issue of understanding power consumption, which is essential to achieving carbon neutrality, by using our unique technology to create products that cannot be found anywhere else.

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