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Latest update: 31/05/2023 12:08:22

Daiichi Kinzoku Co., Ltd.

Meticulous harmony achieved through 70 years of experience

Our strength lies not only in the mere supply of products, but also in our "coordinating ability" to connect manufacturers and customers.

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Wire rod
Abundant stock of stainless steel wire for springs, piano wire, hard steel wire, etc.
Hard steel wire / Piano wire / Iron wire / Galvanized iron wire / Galvanized steel wire / Nickel-plated iron wire / Nickel-plated steel wire / Nickel-plated piano wire / Oil tempered wire for springs / Oil tempered wire for valve springs / Stainless steel wire Stainless steel bar / Stainless steel wire for springs / Stainless steel wire for high-strength springs / Cold heading stainless steel wire / Steel wire for needle-ground / Cold finished steel bars / Rolled steel for general structural purposes / Carbon tool steel / Carbon steel for machine structural purposes / Wire rope / Various types of wire (square, flat, trapezoidal) / Copper and copper alloy rods / Copper and copper alloy wires / Beryllium copper, phosphor bronze and nickel silver rods and wires / Copper and copper alloy seamless tubes / Copper and copper alloy welded tubes / Aluminum & aluminum alloy rods & wires / Magnesium alloy rods & wires titanium & titanium alloys - Wire & wire rods

Special materials
SUS304-WPB or stronger: Stainless steel wire for high-strength springs
Characteristics of SUS316-WPA or more: Stainless steel wire for highly corrosion and heat resistant springs
Stainless steel wire for springs with excellent strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and spring fatigue characteristics
Stainless steel wire for water brittle resistant springs
High-strength, highly corrosion-resistant Co-based spring materials
Co-based alloy wire for medical use
High-strength ultrafine wire (Tosmicron)
Titanium and nickel alloy-based shape memory alloys and super-elastic alloys
Characteristics of SWP-B or more: High-strength, high-toughness steel wire
Strip steel
Stainless steel strip for springs and other nonferrous metals
Cold-rolled steel sheets and strips / Hot-dip galvanized steel sheets and strips / Tin-plate special steel strips / Electrogalvanized steel sheets and strips / Cold-rolled stainless steel sheets and strips / Stainless steel strips for springs / Cold-rolled steel strips for springs / Bainite steel strips / Precision hardened steel strips / Ribbon steel / Carbon steel / Carbon tool steel / Silicon steel / Copper and copper alloy sheets and strips / Phosphor bronze and nickel silver sheets and strips / Beryllium copper, titanium copper, phosphor bronze, nickel tin copper and nickel silver sheets and strips for springs / Copper bus bars / Aluminum and aluminum alloy sheets and strips / Magnesium alloy sheets and strips / Titanium and titanium alloy sheets and strips
Various materials
Permalloy / Pure nickel / Tungsten / Magnet wire / Inconel / Hastelloy / Etc.

New materials
Self-reinforced plastic_CALVO: Lightweight, resilient, and resistant to cracking.