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Latest update: 08/09/2023 08:57:32

MEMS-on Technologies Inc.

Our vision is “MEMS on product make it better”.

We make the future better by providing sensors and modules with MEMS technologies. As a startup from the University of Tokyo, we also promote the return of the research result’s profits to society through practical applications.


Sales Pitch

Compact vertical velocity meter based on barometric pressure detection
Product strengths
The product can detect height changes of 1 cm, because high-sensitive piezoresistive cantilever detects barometric pressure change in real time. So, it is possible to obtain height information with higher resolution by combining the product with existing altimeters based on absolute pressure sensors. Serial communication with a PC via USB cable can be used immediately after purchase.
The product can be used to improve the accuracy of motion estimation and activity calculation by measuring gait and body movements, to identify a 3D location or detect accidents at construction sites, and to improve the positional accuracy of drones and car navigation systems. Also, as it detects pressure change caused by door opening and closing with high sensitivity, it can be used in security application to detect human intrusion or movements in and out.
The output of this product is proportional to the vertical velocity. When using an accelerometer to obtain height information, it is necessary to integrate acceleration twice (acceleration → velocity → position). However, with this product, only one integration is enough, so smaller error can be expected than an accelerometer.

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