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Latest update: 08/02/2023 13:32:43

Show Creative Co.,Ltd

For 35 years, we have been observing people's daily lives. We capture consumer insights and changes in the times that cannot be seen through data alone, and co-create marketing, product development, and promotions.


Sales Pitch

HITODIGI (Human Power Database® Digital)
Service to provide "onsite awareness”
The Human Power Database® Digital (HITODIGI) is a database of seeds  that gives new ideas to people who tend to focus only on their own industry, narrowing the sensitivity and angle of their information antenna, and becoming biased ideas. It is a search engine that helps to know the real  environment, and to use it as a material and stimulant for idea creation.
Understanding the Japanese sales floor and lifestyle from the comfort of your desk.
The ability to search for onsite images of Japanese sales floors and promotional developments is useful for product development and trend identification.
To trigger and twist an idea
This service connects people's desktops with on-site photos of people, things, and facts in their daily lives 360°365 days a year. Knowledge gathered from real-life on-site patrols can easily provide hints and evidence for planning without spending time or walking around.

Other presentation

【Business Description/Features】
35 years of on-site observation. We are a planning company that uses our proprietary "Human Power Database," which continues to collect more than 30,000 real-life findings every month, to connect the realities of the workplace to new value that cannot be seen through numbers and data. We have been involved in more than 12,000 projects for 700 companies in a wide range of industries, including beverages, food, cosmetics, toiletries, and consumer electronics.

The "Human Power Database Digital®" is a web service that provides 24/7 access to the "Human Power Database®", a collection of "new", "interesting", "unusual", and unique examples of workplaces, which can be used for market and target identification, planning tips, and evidence. It is a web service that can be used for market and target identification, planning hints and evidence.
We also provide solutions for product development and planning, brand strategy, communication planning, promotion planning, market research, market analysis, trend analysis, insight work, design and creative work, and other issues with our unique marketing and planning work.

【Certifications and Licenses】
ISO27001 certification in May 2021

【Achievements in business with major companies】
We have direct dealings with major advertising agencies, major printing companies, and manufacturers of food, beverages, and toiletries.

We are developing a web-based service called "Hitodigi," which provides "on-site insights" and "actual conditions of Japanese consumers and markets. We would like to expand our sales channels through the use of JegTech in the hope that overseas companies will also utilize this service.